Green Economy: Created 1 Million Jobs, $146 Billion to the GDP

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But not only should have created more jobs and GDP growth, ronnynomic’s free trade trickle down investments from the top few percent huge growth in wealth con, with even huge tax cuts or no tax at all, called capitalism, in these past few years it should have started and been well established some thirty years ago. We should be the World Leader in the innovation and growth as we once were in most things done on this planet, even as detractors fought against advancements!

The idea’s of growth in going off the grid, so to speak, with things like solar and wind as well as other possibilities have been around for my decades of growing up and actually put into practice. I know as a multi tradesman in construction, residential and commercial, I was a part of those early installations and attempts. But the old money and established businesses stayed out of investing in and fought hard against advancing into the new thus keeping the costs and future innovations at bay or less then stagnant. Many older folks can remember when homes started sporting solar panels on their roofs and some carried that further and developed their own means of going off the grid, then it went dead, been around now for decades and talked about, argued, for as long.

Lets be honest, there have always been detractors as to new idea’s, inventions, advancements on the already established, etc., mostly coming from wealthy old guard established businesses and individual’s leading the arguments against for their already established means of wealth thinking apparently it was them, and not the workers, who created the growth and more that they profit from.

The arguments about ‘global warming’, purposefully misrepresented, reality ‘climate change’ the obvious, are the detraction’s put forth with force to lock the brakes on innovation and advancing society needs and a continually growing economy. Led by the old guard established business folks who know they can control a great number within a society with their brand of propaganda of false meme’s with their wealth.

The following just came out a few days ago and is getting some off the msm reporting.

Impact of Green Economy Investments in the Recovery Act

February 17 2011 – I did a spit take yesterday when I heard MSNBC commentator Mika Brzezinski tell another TV personality that to reduce the federal deficit we all “need to live within our means.” I wasn’t surprised by the remark so much as angered that yet another wealthy media pundit was lecturing us about being economical.

Usually, the “living within our means” comment refers to “shared sacrifice” of both working families and the rich in order to solve the government’s perceived fiscal problems. In real life it means working families and low-income retirees yet again will be the one’s to carry most of the burden.

See for example the Republican budget outline announced this month, which cuts tens of billions from education and other programs that benefit working families – with no sign of them budging on the tax cuts for the rich they fought tooth and nail to extend last year. See also their willingness to close down the government and stall Social Security payments to retirees in order to make their political point, further risking economic recovery. {continued}

This is the report talked about in the above piece, and a few others I caught, below.

Rebuilding Green: The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act and the Green Economy

February 17, 2011 – On the two-year anniversary of the enactment of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, and as President Obama and Congress begin the budget debate, this report provides evidence that the Recovery Act succeeded in responding to the nation’s economic crisis and that green investments create jobs while laying a foundation for the development of a 21st century green economy in the United States. {continued}

Listen to a discussion about the report

And the report to read without downloading, or you can from this or link above.

Report: Rebuilding Green, BlueGreen Alliance

As long as the private sector stays on the sideline hoarding their over abundance of wealth there will not be the needed growth in economic terms in this country and we as a once World Leader will fall farther behind the rest of the World. Not only is China now leading but others are investing and growing and will soon pass us by.

Just take this report below as an example.

South Africa: 2011 Budget could set green-economy tone

18th February 2011 – South Africa’s National Budget will be presented to Parliament on February 23, and it is expected that the National Treasury will allocate more funds to energy efficiency and ‘green’ projects as government seeks to grow the green economy.

In the Department of Economic Develop- ment’s New Growth Path (NGP) policy, government has stated its intention to grow the economy at around 7% over the next decade and create five-million additional jobs during this period in the key sectors of infrastructure, agriculture, mining, manufacturing, tourism and the newest addition to this list – the green economy.

“Recent government policy documents identify increased energy costs as a major threat to the energy-intensive sectors in South Africa. This is of concern as the sector presents significant opportunities for the development of new industries to assist government in meeting its growth and job creation objectives,” says Deloitte tax director Duane Newman. {continued}

South Africa and other so called third world countries, as well as Europe etc., are eagerly investing, if you follow any green economy news, in their future growth, as we once did, as well as building the needed trades to do so, trades we once had and were envied for, by everyone!


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    With More Progress Nationwide

    Washington – February 18, 2011 – On the second anniversary of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) announced that Recovery Act funds are playing a major role this year in advancing much-needed infrastructure and other construction nationwide to benefit our Nation’s Veterans.

    “This will be a banner year for VA in serving more Veterans more efficiently in more places,” said Secretary of Veterans Affairs Eric K. Shinseki. “We are pleased to be able to improve buildings and expand the capacity of VA’s health care network and national cemeteries to serve Veterans.”

    Since February 2009, VA has distributed $1.3 billion in Recovery Act funds to modernize medical facilities, make improvements at national cemeteries and award grants to states for Veterans homes.  VA has more than 1,100 Recovery funded projects underway or completed in VA medical centers in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.   Nineteen VA medical centers received between $5 million and $20 million for major repairs, renovation or energy conservation initiatives.  The impact of these Recovery dollars affects more than 5 million Veterans who receive care in VA health services across the nation.  Nearly 70 percent of all Recovery funds have already been paid to various contractors. The balance of funds are currently on contract to complete improvements and modernizations of existing projects.

    The stimulus funding is providing, among many improvements, a solar photovoltaic system at the Albuquerque VA Medical Center, replacement of a central boiler plant at the Danville, Ill., hospital, and chiller installations for the West Palm Beach hospital.  Other Recovery Act projects are adding 26,000 medical facility parking spaces, enhancing nearly 14,000 bed spaces, and investing in energy or “greening” projects. VA is contributing to “greening” the U.S. economy with these projects, with all new construction designed to meet sustainable building principles.

    In 2010, VA invested $826 million to improve its energy infrastructure. A total of $487 million in Recovery Act funds were devoted to renewable energy projects, such as solar, wind, and biomass-fueled cogeneration systems; installing utility metering at all VA-owned facilities to monitor the use of natural gas, steam, and chilled water; increasing energy and water conservation measures; and upgrading infrastructure improvements at existing facilities around the country, such as boiler and chiller systems, and heating, ventilation, and cooling systems to promote better efficiency. All projects are well underway in 2011, and VA will soon see the benefits of the new projects contribute to reducing the agency’s environmental footprint.

    In 2011, VA is devoting $276 million to more projects of this type, including “re-tuning” of building systems to improve energy efficiency and provide more comfort for Veterans and employees.  VA plans to add to its list of 25 “green” certified buildings with over 13 percent of the square-footage already certified.  VA is assessing all of its owned buildings to identify those that can be eligible for a third-party “green” building certification in 2011.  

    More information on all of these on-going energy projects and other sustainability initiatives can be accessed at the VA’s green management program webpage.

    Throughout VA’s 131 national cemeteries, 392 improvement projects are underway using $50 million in stimulus funds, including realigning and cleaning about 200,000 headstones and markers and renovating turf.

    Recovery Act grants totaling $150 million are helping states build or improve Veterans homes.

    On the horizon this year is an even broader scope of construction activity.

    VA has more than $11 billion in major building projects in either design or construction this year.  They include six new VA medical centers as well as outpatient clinics, mental health facilities, spinal cord injury centers, new and expanded national cemeteries, renovation and modernization projects and seismic safety projects.

    This year, VA will have 31 structural projects in design and nine beginning construction.  These will include new hospitals in Orlando, Fla.; Las Vegas; Denver; New Orleans; Omaha, Neb.; and Louisville, Ky.; new outpatient clinics in Alameda, Calif.; Pittsburgh, and Walla Walla, Wash.; and new spinal cord injury treatment centers in Brockton, Mass.; Bronx, N.Y.; Dallas; Syracuse, N.Y.; and Milwaukee. The new hospitals and other projects will add nearly 3,500 beds.

    Sixteen VA national cemeteries will be expanded, bringing major improvements and further development of burial space, while 10 future cemetery sites will be identified this year, including in urban areas.  Another six new cemeteries will be in various stages of building near Birmingham, Ala.; Bakersfield, Calif.; Columbia, S.C.; Jacksonville, Fla.; Sarasota, Fla.; and Philadelphia.

    When these projects are completed, they will add 424,000 additional gravesites to VA’s national cemeteries, including 141,000 columbarium niches for cremated remains.

    Additional information about VA recovery Act projects is available at VA Recovery and VA Green Routine.

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