The Only Hope We Have Left

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As The State Of The Union approaches, it is interesting that just recently Dick Cheney endorsed President Obama’s conduct of U.S. Foreign Policy:   Endless Bloodshed, Endless Futile Foreign Occupations, Prediator Drone Mass-Murder, Indefinite Gulag Detentions, CIA Torture Renditions, No Legal system (termination of Habeas Corpus), Criminalizing Whistleblowers, Assassinations, War Profiteering Corruption, etc. — the final proof of the depths of treachery, depravity, and global tyranny that Obama has aggressively promoted and protected.


You’d think that giving us a Dick Cheney Foreign Policy, and a Mitt-Romney Health Insurance sentence, and a reverse robin-hood Bush-Reagan Tax Policy would be enough rightward, reactionary policy betrayal by Obama, but no.  We will soon hear about Obama’s coming plans for stripping away at Social Security, as he continues to appoint and surround himself with Goldman Sachs, J.P. Morgan Robber Barons when formulating his “public policy” on economics.

Cutting the Debt is, in truth, an important priority for a Country awash in runaway $16 Trillion Dollar Debt — a number impossible to repay — and which threatens the solvency and legitmacy of the U.S. Dollar. But there is a right way to do that, and a wrong way to do that.  

If Obama had any brains, he would stop wasting away Trillions of Dollars on futile, corrupt Foreign Occupations and U.S. mass murder (which has also directly killed more Americans than any “terrorist” ever did, ever could, or ever would).

Instead Obama is going to strip away at Social Security — something that George W. Bush could not do, but under the cover of “bipartisanship” Obama will do.

What hope does this Country have left?   None whatsoever, if we keep supporting Corporatist-Neocon Democrats like Obama, and their unholy GOP counterparts (God Bless America).

But as the 2011-2012 Presidential process begins to get underway, there is one coalition that could offer some real honesty, and some real solutions to our very real problems:

The Only Hope We Have Left

While neither man could win on his own, the combination of Nader and Paul together represent a true left-right “bipartisan” coalition that would be based finally on putting the priorities of ordinary people first, and the priorities of Corporate Oligarchs where they belong — dead on arrival.

It’s time to back such a coalition.

Obama and the mainstream Democrats have proven over and over again their steadfast allegiance to Corporatism, Neoconism, and Wall Street regardless of whatever words may tumble out of their mouths.


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  1. I used to be angry at Ralph Nader for saying that there is no difference between Democrats and Republicans.

    But the Obama Presidency has proven his absolutely correct.

    Obama has given us a Dick Cheney foreign policy and human rights worldview, a Mitt Romney Health Insurance system, and a Reagan-Bush Tax Policy.

    And now he’s coming for your Social Security paycheck.  

  2. NAFTA started the array of globalist asshole treaties

    The financial industry was de-regulated setting the stage for the engineered 2008 push for global currency and certain nations were named “cabon exempt” years before carbon became a Big Al inconvienient ruse.  It also marked the starting transition into the education as compliance theme although I don’t have alot of data to back that up.  Just two kids in a educational system that sucked beyond comprehension, that’s all.

    I voted for Ross Perot.

  3. A Young Ralph Nader with Beatles Genuis John Lennon

    • banger on January 26, 2011 at 17:03

    Such an alliance of two culturally opposed groups has little chance of forming and both sides know it–even though many who are thoughtful on both sides would welcome it. The hostility between far leftists and the libertarian right is too visceral.

    Would be nice though–I’ve often thought that some very good compromises could be made particularly now. Both sides probably agree that the government, for example, is not benefitting most people and is under the control of the finance oligarchs. This analysis means it is easy for those of us on the left to agree to massively cut government spending and eliminate agencies and departments. I would start with the right’s favorite whipping boy the Department of Education (their policies have been dramatically wrong-headed for some time) then make massive cuts to agricultural subsidies and gradually pare down the Deparment of “Defense.” If those things could go forward more compromises could be made. I would push for a rational health care system in exchange for agreeing to massive cuts in social spending which are often as destructive as they are useful (how and why that is is a long discourse).  

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