Rapture and Joy

Today I was happy.  The newly elected Governor of my soon to be home state has an adopted black child.  Somehow the news missed such relevant details and or the sparse coverage this non-PC statement/situation.  Guess what.  Well two of the kids I took ATV sledding the other day were black so I might as well come out of the closet on my largest peeve of the left diversity, or rather multi-culturalism at gunpoint.  Yes, that PC concept of Kumbaya which in reality is rendered useless if a globalist parasitic corporate asshole is going to sit on everybody’s face.  Up with real understanding and harmony and down with mixing races intentionally just to keep people down, distraught and confused.

OK, so now that I have pissed off everybody plus my being a little kid at heart I can believe this in it’s entirety.  Few will embrace it for it is too far out there yet it does make sense.  

Why don’t we still have a real and visible space program.


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