Multiple Activists and Members of the Pirate Party Arrested In Tunisia

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Anonymous, the loosely-knit group of international web activists that drew world attention for their “distributed denial of service” (DDoS) attacks on the servers of companies that blocked payments and server access to the whistle-blowing website, WikiLeaks, joined the fray, in solidarity with the Tunisian uprising.

Most international news organisations have no presence in the country (and, some say, a lack of interest in the protests). Media posted online by Tunisian web activists has been some of the only material that has slipped through the blackout, even if their videos and photos haven’t generated quite the same enthusiastic coverage by Western media as the Iranian protest movement did in 2009.…

According to the report, back in April last year, over 100 blogs have been censored by the government. On Monday, some activists were locked out of their Gmail and Facebook accounts. Activists blamed the Tunisian Internet Agency for the hijacking.

“I think it is high time for Facebook and Google to take serious steps to protect Tunisian activists and journalists,” Sofiene Chourabi, a journalist for Al-Tariq al-Jadid magazine and blogger told Al Jazeera.…

Hmmm, good thing I went to Google yesterday to lobby for that I guess.

A timeline of events in the Tunisie area, you might not be familiar with it, but I am only because they used to tell me in email:…

Here’s the deal kids, we can’t ignore the enormity of the issue of online censorship by governments.  ESPECIALLY in oppressive regimes.  So the Pirate Party, while laughed at, bust’s there ass to get to the movers and shakers so that we can have a little “talk” about how things are gonna go from here on in.

Pirate Party isn’t synonymous with Anonymous, they’re two separate organizations with their own tactics, but we don’t discriminate against people who want to be a part of our party so I would be lying if I said they weren’t “friends” of ours.

Since in the eyes of the authorities Anonymous and Pirate Party are the same thing, both groups roll their eyes, look at each other and go “well, looks like we’re one in the same in the eyes of the authorities, might as well make the best of it”.  

And so, Pirate Party members are taken by government officials because they’re “also part of that group Anonymous” in Tunisia and all-out cyberwar has been declared.  

So it’s my job to start the political fight now.  I’d prefer launching from my computer chair but this one is gonna require a few more trips to the city.

i was standing on the stop

thinking of humanity

when you came along so righteous with a new national hate

so convincing is the ardor of war and of men

it’s harder to breathe than to believe you’re a friend

you stick me in the back with a sideways smile

unity’s the front of a gang mentality

you’re trying to burn the ashes

but they won’t catch fire

while reason is coagulating in the mire

as the final poor man’s carcass washes up on my shore

i don’t know much but i know that wars begets more war

are you willing to wait?

for another watergate?

this national uproar’s got me in surrender

fear is the sender

cuz the whole wide world is watching

but no one’s doin anything

the whole wide world is watching

we justify the enemy

how unpopular it seems to be persuasive for peace

i got a mind full of destruction-

but it’s only for me

like a wedding vow i speak the word: equality

but alas i feel that everyone is stronger than me

you know that i was born against the O.I.A.

(opression, ignorance, & authority)

but that is nothing new if you’ve heard what i say

as the mahatma sheds a tear, buried so deep underground

we continue to uphold the men who keep us down

are you willing to die

for a president-sized lie?

for a man you’ve never met?

why ask why?

we stick our brother

while the whole wide world is watching

all we are

and dreams to be

come to pass,

it won’t, you’ll see

should the land we claim to be

chain the world so we are free

though i try to see

i’m blinded by the light in front of me

are we doomed to stumble on and to repeat?

well so it seems

The Three taken so far:

Please Call to ask for info on the 3 people: In an emergency, please contact the U.S. Embassy via the main switchboard at +216 71-107-000.  In an after hours emergency, please call +216 71-107-000, press 0 and ask for the duty officer.

Slah Eddin Kchouk

Azyz Ammami

Slim Amamou

Pirate Party Tunisia Pirate Party Tunisia  


  1. i’m gonna have to cut a bitch.

  2. I wasn’t even aware that Tunisia had unrest. I just found this.

     While you were enjoying the various holidays on offer, Tunisian President Zine El Abidine Ben Ali went on live television to address a nation gripped by the worst unrest in a decade.

    Unsurprisingly, he was agitated. When you’ve been in power for 23 years, you are used to addressing the nation when you want. This wasn’t one of those times. Two young men driven to desperation by unemployment had attempted suicide (one successfully) and had lit a fuse of popular anger that was spilling across one of the most tightly controlled police states in the Middle East. Ben Ali was not having a good day.

    And then, in the middle of his live address, as he feigned concern for the young and the poor, the telephone on his desk started ringing.

    I kid you not.

    If ever a moment symbolized the utter disregard Ben Ali and his cohort of aging dictators across the Middle East have for their citizens – the majority of whom are younger than 30 and have known no other leaders but those old men – nothing could top that ringing phone.


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