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Surprising absolutely no one, the DPJ has indicated that it will retool its election manifesto and “scale back” popular programs like the “monthly child allowance and the elimination of expressway tolls.”

It was reported that Kota Matsuda of Your Party was the richest of the 121 legislators who won a seat in the July upper house elections. Matsuda, the founder of the Tully’s Coffee Japan chain, claims ¥486 million in assets.

Television stations around the country decided to extend the deadline for eliminating their analog broadcasts until late July. Which begs the questions: what’s analog TV?

The media flurry surrounding the successful Hayabusa mission wasn’t enough to save JAXAi, the Japan Space Agency’s information center, which shut its doors last month due to budget cuts.



Number of “atrocious” crimes, including murder, robbery and rape, committed in Japan in 2005, according to the National Police Agency


Number of such crimes committed from January-November 2010


Traffic accidents in 2010, according to the National Police Agency


Consecutive years the number of traffic accidents has declined


Doesn’t Involve Groping  

Even Though “It’s Not Me”    

I’ll Take Your Money Just The Same

Prosecute Don’t Prosecute  

We’ll Do What They Said  

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