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The latest rumor circulating about Keith (not that I’m star struck or anything, but he did in fact take the time to respond to a post of mine once, so it’s just professional courtesy) is that like Howard Fineman, Tucker Carlson, and others, he’s seeking his next fortune in the world of new media.

Did Keith Olbermann Bolt MSNBC to Create Media Empire?

By Dominic Patten & Sharon Waxman, via HuffPo

Published: January 21, 2011 @ 6:13 pm

With two years left on his $7 million a year contract, Olbermann was seeking a full exit package but he really has his eye on creating his own media empire in the style of Huffington Post, according to the individual. That way, Olbermann would control his own brand and, in his view, potentially earn far more as an owner.


Here’s a bit of free advice which, I’m afraid, is all I can afford.

I’ve heard that it’s possible to make money from blogging, but that’s certainly not my experience.

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    • Edger on January 23, 2011 at 3:28 pm

    of him maybe going to Comcast’s Versus Channel and it being rebranded…

    waldenpond at Talkleft

    [So take what you’re about to read with at least a grain of salt, since I can’t tell you how I know what I know.

    It will happen (so I’m told) on the channel now known as Versus. It’s a sports channel owned by Comcast, and the story I’m hearing is that it will be rebranded as NBC Sportschannel once the takeover is complete, with Keith as its star personality.

    If you were watching David Shuster’s guest appearance on CNN tonight, you heard him make a key observation: for Keith, it’s not about money right now. He has as much money as he’ll ever need, so he can do what he wants. And apparently what he really wants is to exact some long-delayed revenge on his bosses at ESPN. (Did you notice the shiv he stuck in their backs yet again in his farewell tonight? Note it carefully. I don’t think it was there by accident.)]

    shhhhh…. he can’t tell how he knows.  What a tease.

    • Edger on January 23, 2011 at 3:55 pm

    But they ain’t no big deal

    ‘Cause the simple man baby pays for the thrills, the bills,

    the pills that kill

    PS: I don’t know what this has to do with anything 😉

  1. I have to think about this personally.  Because, in the end, I think this whole kerfuffle is about personality and celebrity.

    I don’t think I’ve made my first $7 blogging yet, and I’ve been at it for more than five seven years.  And that’s certainly the case if you don’t count the $25 or so in donations I’ve gotten at my blog from a few generous readers.  

    I also know that the folks running dd aren’t exactly swimming in cash.  They, though they provide an essential, important service for all of us, don’t have, as far as I can tell, a pot to…  But I ramble.

    When I think about what Keith did, it’s not much different from what all of us do.  Put another way, if I had a staff of well paid assistants and writers, and I didn’t have to do my regular work to support myself and my family but got paid instead for writing essays and/or reading them to a camera and having guests appear who were my foils (or else I wouldn’t have them on), and I devoted myself to putting together a hour’s worth of riveting commentary and argument that would be delivered once a day, five days a week, that would be a pretty cushy job.  In fact, that would be a great job.  It would be the best dream job ever.  But you know what?  It’s just not going to happen.  I don’t think I have to explain why, but it has something a lot to do with my usefulness to people who are in it for the money and provide the network and the video and the cable access and the satellites and all of that.  In other words, why would these people want me to say what I have to say?  Damned if they would.

    Long story short, I think I was more outraged by the end of the Smothers Brothers.   And I doubt I would have a satellite dish on my roof if Directv didn’t provide live coverage of English, Spanish, Italian, German, Brazilian, and sometimes Argentinian futbol.  If it weren’t for that, I think I would fully migrate to the Internet and disconnect from traditional TV.  

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