Grampy Did

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Two days now.  Attach four plastic sleds to the back of an ATV.  I am fifty five but I am also five years old.  A good time was had by all and nobody, well, nobody went to the hospital.  They were outside.  Not in front of a video game, the TV or involved in an organized event.  This was a spontaneous event of the Apocalypse Ranch.

We had a race track in the field to pull the kids around on sleds.  There is a fire pit to get warm by and roast hot dogs on.  A container of hot chocolate.

The speedometer tells me we are doing 11 miles per hour yet to the four year olds Grampy is taking them for a snowbound ride in a supersonic plastic jet.

The older kids get brave.  They want me to whip them around so that they tip over by hitting the snowbank on the far edge of the field.  It is a precision driving exercise.  Not too fast but fast enough so that they run into it and tip the sled over, squealing with delight and picking their lost mittens out of the snow.

Awesome they say, do it again.  Oh, damn it, the older kids are getting braver.   Like I said top speed was 11 miles per hour and nobody went to the hospital.  We spend the afternoon alternating between big kid rides and little kid rides.  A fifty five/five year old made joy in the hearts of a new generation.  Well, OK the big kids got the whole 13 mile per hour ride.

Might be the last chance I have so I do what I can.


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  1. If you have a simple automated industrial process controlled by computing equipment no matter what the corporate bean counter assholes tell you it is not necessary to internet enable/connect everything.  An isolated non-internet connected PLC is after all a realatively stupid piece of hardware which does it’s thing most excellently if not included in that retarded practice of connectability to the virus laden insecure net.

    Personally I highly doubt the Stuxnet virus story and much of what the lamestream commerical press says about the secret government’s rift about nuking Iran vs not as they are much more focused on taking down the former United States now.

    • RiaD on January 17, 2011 at 3:22 am

    had a wonderful day!

  2. Apocalyptic Rider of the Mechanized Horse. You’ve heralded a new End Times. An all-terrain Apocalypse as foretold by the Seventh Seal. Does this come with a Rapture? Naahhh, just kidding.

    The little ones are what it’s all about. I’m soon to be 57, you’ve got to enjoy them while you can. Sounds like you had a great time. Later, LH.

  3. like you!  It’s good to know that some folks still do old fashioned things, to the delight of kids!  I kinda’ ‘member stuff like that myself, but without a Grampy!  Thank you, LH!  

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