18 Dead In Pakistan By US Drone Attacks

And America apparently chortles with glee.



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  1. if we can just manage to kill enough people on this earth, the rich will have the playground they have always dreamed of!  

    What fun?  Imagine, just dropping bombs on people via ominous overland preying mechanical monsters?  Imagine!

  2. Not exactly.

    The only remaining point of disagreement about drone attacks among all political parties in Pakistan is whether the rather well-equipped Pakistani Air Force should start shooting down US drones now or later.


    Professor Khursheed Ahmad, senior leader of Jamaat-e-Islami (JI), while talking to The News gave a complete strategy for the government and Pakistan Army to tackle the issue of drone attacks. He said sovereignty cannot be compromised and his party has stated from the very first day that drone attacks by US CIA, either from Afghanistan or from bases within Pakistan, are against the sovereignty of the country.

    Prof Khursheed said that the final step would be to shoot the drones if the attacks continue.

    The Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) senior leader Pervaiz Rashid while talking to The News said that PML-N chief has taken up the issue of drone attacks with every visiting US official in last two years and made it clear to them that these attacks are hurting Pakistan’s sovereignty.

    “We are not suggesting any strategy at our own as some points of the issue are technical,” Pervaiz said and added: “Like if we say that Pakistan Army and Pakistan Air Force (PAF) should shoot down any drone which came in their radar range, we don’t know whether radar of PAF have the capability to see these drones.”

    And nobody is betting on the US in Afghanistan.

    The Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) chief Imran Khan gave detailed insight of US war on Afghanistan and its repercussions in Pakistan. Imran said Pakistan’s rulers are unable to understand that US needs Pakistan’s help. He said: “US is stuck up in Afghanistan. Obama’s policy is headed for a disaster. This was purely a military policy and nine years of military action in Afghanistan has deteriorated the situation.”

    “It is because, US is fighting against Taliban which are not an ideological group but their fight against Americans has been changed into a Pashtoon resistance. And this shows US is fighting against a population which simply means that it is a never-ending-war. So US is fully stuck in Afghanistan,” the PTI chief said.

  3. Pakistan as far as I know, which in normal speak would make such shit illegal if there was such a thing as law that people didn’t make up spontaneously to cover up what the fucking Illuminati said ought to happen over the practice of flying to Grandma’s house for the “You hafta buy me something Holiday”.

    Did that make senese?  Of course not, well, but does anything.  No.

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