Food stamp participation (in millions).

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Between Feb. 2007 and now, food stamp participation has increased from about 26 million to 42.9 million.  That’s 14% of Americans now on food stamps.  That’s approximately one-in-seven.  Every seventh person you see is on food stamps.  


Of course, Wall Street, where insider selling is at a record, more than 8,000 times more sellers than buyers, is kicking ass, and taking obscene record bonuses for destroying your lives on your government-subsidized dime.  Party on.  Obama digs the entire scene, man.  Like, Wow.  Trippy dude.

Any White House holiday parties serving cat-food?  


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  1. I’ll box your ears good, hear?  I’m talkin’ a meetin’ of the external and internal meati.

  2. The money rapidly enters the economy, can’t be used for speculating etc.

    The food business is a relatively labor intensive industry so it helps there, and there is a domino effect where the family using food stamps then has a few dollars to buy basics like clothes and other essentials.

    • banger on December 4, 2010 at 23:00

    Must mean something. I wonder if anyone else has noticed that.

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