FINALLY: VooDoo Economics!!

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It’s about Damn Time somebody not only talks about but uses the labels of the failure of this so called capitalist system that did what it was long forecast it would, “Collapse”!!!!!

One of the many reasons it lasted this long, up till the beginning of the new century {I was in construction, now forced into retirement} and those like myself who were paying attention saw the collapse coming, it was getting harder for developers to find the cash for projects long before the residential collapse, was the easy credit schemes cooked up by the banks and others.

GOP tax bonus for rich ignores failure of Reaganomics

Dec. 3: Rachel Maddow looks back at the consequences of Ronald Reagan’s trickle-down voodoo economic policy that left the rich richer, the poor poorer and the national debt exploded.

This is what this Administration and the Democratic Congresses should have been hammering home since day one! Why didn’t they, because they and others before them even if not believing in the policies, in the past some thirty years, or those around them, especially contributors and lobbyist, media talking heads etc., greatly prospered from the false capitalism policy and now want to hang on for their survival and the survival of that failure that spread worldwide!

This was on just before Rachel’s pointed report:

Republicans hold the nation hostage

Dec. 3: Former Reagan Budget Director David Stockman talks about the disadvantages of tax cuts for the rich.

And this followup especially the beginning:

Tax wars at home, problems overseas

Dec. 3: As Congress battles over taxes, President Barack Obama makes a surprise trip to Afghanistan. The Washington Post’s Eugene Robinson discusses where Obama stands on the issues.

Taxes benefit everyone but especially the business communities, private investment on wall street is a crap shoot where the money isn’t used for the supposed purpose but only to make money, who want to expand, start new companies etc., and need state or federal help in doing so. Instead they’ve been getting extreme tax relief while the states and feds are still giving that extra capital needed for their wants, extra or enhanced infrastructure, tax breaks covering years, repairing that infrastructure when needed but not with any contributions from the companies nor the executives suites.

The burdens have been on the masses for far to long, I’ve watched the change from my first thirty years, almost half of that in the industry as a multi tradesman, and the rapid change the past thirty years. As wages stagnated, trades were totally lost, mental and physical expertise, as they were transferred overseas to others, security for the worker has dropped and only some of those, for the most part, who paid dearly for that higher education industry piece of paper and networking were considered professionals, even that has collapsed. Here’s another report from last night pointing to just that:

AIR DATE: Dec. 3, 2010

Dog-Walkers to Dominatrices: Many College Grads Face ‘Malemployment’


Conventional wisdom held that a college degree was a gateway to a better — and better-paying — career and lifestyle. But are those student loans worth it? Paul Solman looks at how a group of recent college graduates is faring in the dismal job market and how many are forced into “malemployment” jobs to make ends meet. Transcript

Frankly All the taxes cuts should be allowed to end, not just the wealthy, if for no other reason then the totally forgotten wars of choice that Nobody but those sent and their families have been forced to ‘Sacrifice’ for! Who now will be battling on the home front the same battles those of us before them are still fighting as the country puts them out of sight out of mind!! But also because no one is investing into economic growth but the federal government, Us, that tries and is condemned for doing, especially by those who are proponents of the ‘voodoo economics’!


    • jimstaro on December 4, 2010 at 14:46

    That once would be considered a leader in more than the community but over these past years gets slammed down for doing what they really feel is right, remember the CEO of the factory that burnt down in the Northeast only a handful of years back, by those who started practicing voodoo economics and those prospering from.

    A CEO Hands Out a Pink Slip – to Herself

    With Her Business in Trouble and Concerned About Her Employees’ Families, One CEO Made a Surprising Move: She Cut Her Own Job {read rest with video}

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