Andy Worthington Discusses Guantánamo and WikiLeaks on Antiwar Radio

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A few days ago, I spoke – for the 21st time – with the irrepressible Scott Horton for his show on Antiwar Radio, which is available here. Over the course of 18 minutes, we discussed why my contentiously entitled article, The Irrelevance of Wikileaks’ Guantánamo Revelations, was intended to provoke interest in the reasons why the main WikiLeaks revelations about Guantánamo – detailing the often shabby horse-trading with countries around the world, as the Obama administration sought third countries to take cleared prisoners who could not be repatriated because they faced the risk of torture – was only necessary because of the refusal of every part of the US government – the Obama administration, Congress and the courts – to give homes to any of these men on the US mainland.

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You can listen to the interview at , or right here…. – December 07, 2010 – 18 minutes


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    of every part of the US government…

  1. credible person, particularly his chronicles in re Guantanamo, which are just short of endless.  His research, his knowledges, everything are extraordinary!

    Effing MF bastards!

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