First and foremost among the why’s is this. Docudharma was essentially conceived as an experimental piece of social and political art. (Although I never told anyone that, lol) When a piece of art is done, it is done. If the artist tries to keep it alive, it becomes a perverted form of itself that just withers on the vine and becomes ugly.

Mostly because there is no longer vibrancy, energy…..juice, running through it.

I would love someone or a group of someones to step up and put their energy into it, and continue to run the experiment and see what it turns into, and there is a month or so before we just pull the plug to do that.

If not, I will mourn the form, but celebrate the unique energy that very much rippled out from this place. And hope to refine and build upon it in a new form.


NOTHING can be accomplished politically now. The best we can hope for is a gathering of energy. The only thing that can make a difference (besides ‘events’) is people pooling their energy together to create a new ‘force.’

The Tea Party did that, but their organizing principle and motive was and is….hate. And of course, hate is destructive.

There has yet to be a thought, an idea, a form, or a venue that people can form around to create a Movement based on Love. A way for The Left to rise up. And scare the crap out of politicians to get them to respond. MAYBE this will happen in the next year or so…but it will not spring from politics or a have a political base.

It will be based on “Morality.”

Because what we are going through is the death of humanities moral soul.

And MAYBE it’s rebirth.

Humanity as we know it is in a moral crisis.

In a way it is a good moral crisis, because it comes from the death of dogmatic organized religion, under the weight of it’s own fairy tale myths. But in the interim between the death throes of 19th century morality and the invention of a new one….Oh Doctor!

That is one of the things we will be talking about in a new and different venue, unsullied by political considerations and hopefully outside of the inhibitions of political framing.

IF a true People’s Movement rises up to change politics, it will have to be based on a new morality. The old morality, just like the old political structure, is too old and corrupt to accomplish anything at this point. Entrenchment, corruption and just out and out ownership of the government by the most immoral people on earth (combined with inertia) has made it virtually impossible for Change to come politically. IF it happens it will happen due to some either miraculous or catastrophic events. Events that wake enough people to stand up and force an end to the corruption.

All you need to see to know this is the selling/buying of Obama’s political soul.

So for us, and we are by no means condemning anyone else for hanging in and trying, there is no point in pouring more energy into politics. It is time to get to the heart of the matter.

There are restrictions on political speech and debate.  There are lines which you cannot draw outside of. And to be “credible” and consistent in the political world, especially the ridiculous and incredible political world, you have to end up becoming very….small. Limited. And those limits are artificial. They are imposed by other people who have also become very small, and wish/force others to join them.

The character named buhdydharma has become small. And ineffective. An old voice for an old time. Polarizing and divisive. And by far the worst of all….self limiting. I have tried to fight that, tried to have him remain large, but it hasn’t worked and it is to the point now where buhdy restricts Thadius. Buhdy really has nothing left to say, certainly not in the realm of politics. And Thadius does NOT want to fully and totally become buhdy, a limited creation, self restricted and small…with no real Voice left. And that has started to happen. Buhdy’s ego needs to die, lol, and since buhdy is a character that Thadius plays….all buhdy is is ego! That was useful at one point, when some powerful egos were needed to stand up and Yell Louder, (AND give out Ponies!) but that function is now counterproductive…in a world where good people need to find a way to come together in Love.

In the next few days I will try to, for fun and perhaps a gleam of edification, try to tell the story of how I became buhdy, lol, and came down from The Mountaintop to fight evil and seize The Moment. A Moment that was not seized, and that will not come back. (It was very much a longshot anyway, but there are longshots worth fighting for. Or were.)

And I will try to communicate, while still in that/this form, what we are pretending is going to happen at the new joint, when we are wearing new clothes, and acting out on this world that is indeed a stage, our new characters. I say pretend, because DD certainly turned out different than what I thought it would be, and so I am sure, will this new ……thing!


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    • Edger on November 18, 2010 at 10:28 pm

    Case in point today…

    Former President George H.W. Bush is among 15 people selected to be awarded the presidential Medal of Freedom, the White House announced Wednesday night.

    The Medal of Freedom, America’s highest civilian honor, is awarded for “an especially meritorious contribution to the security or national interests of the United States, world peace, cultural or other significant public or private endeavors.”

    A White House announcement specifically lauded Bush’s work with former President Bill Clinton on charitable initiatives.

    The move was widely expected to be seen as a bipartisan gesture from Obama to Republicans on Capitol Hill, fresh off a round of mid-term elections that ended Democrats’ House majority but left them in control of the US Senate.

  2. there are many mansions….”

    hello Thadius, I look forward to getting to know you.

    Hope your sense of humor is even half as sharp as buhdy’s.



  3. Ill host…. Friday P.M.

    Everything’s free! or trade. or socialist community grab.

    Bring all your shit. Purge your buckets and bookmarks. lol.

    I may have some other surprises up my sleeve too.


  4. My energy has been refocussed less on politics and more on yoga/meditation lately. I will strive for morality and goodness in my deeds and behavior – and quit wasting energy on the morality of my government.

    Someone (maybe here) brought up the analogy of politics being like a football game. That really struck me.

    Maybe my team wears blue and their team wears red. Maybe my team has a good quarterback and theirs has a great receiver. We clap, cheer, scream and mourn.

    But, at the end of the game, we go home – and nothing has really changed.

  5. like the politics/power that are holding back progress and inevitable change people resist it’s hard to step out of the world they believe in. I’ve always liked the sound of breaking glass. I’ve come to think this is just the process that happens when humans are forced to evolve.

    I just hope that the useless fighting and winning, on a political level plays out and the process proceeds. This is just the mad rumpus before the too big bad things fail. Putting your energy else where sounds like a good thing. You played your part well on this stage even if it was not what you expected. It never is.

    the dog days are over

    the dog days are done

    can you hear the horses

    cuz here they come


  6. I’m with you. I don’t see the political realm as the place to generate the kinds of change we need to build a sustainable society based in compassion.

    I’ve been a reader here, seldom participating, not because it’s not interesting, but because I’ve had little energy for the political. I try to be a positive presence at dKos, but it’s to little or no effect and most of what I see there is insufferably juvenile.

    I look forward to seeing what new thing you are envisioning and would love to be a part of that. It’s good to know when to let something go and to place your energies somewhere that feels more right.

    Peace, UnaSpenser/Allison/Shahida Nur

  7. in another form.

    Because you already are.

    Happy questing down the twisting road. I am going back to school soon which is why I checked out of the blog world. Kinda meh about polictics myself now.I needed to figure some stuff out. Came up with more questions than answers.

  8. get low. Nothin I can do about it but watch. I do seem to get round and about in my for wheel metaphor every day, but I always end up back home. I am the one thought into being. A couple of cells got it in their heads and wa la!

    If I love hanging tangled seaweed from the branches of my pine tree, does it really have to mean anything?

    The bummer is that I am trapped by beauty and justice and am compelled to emote. Thinking just gets in the way a lot of the time. Sometimes when i get going, I can’t stop. And I never seem to know what I’ve accomplished anyhow. And before I know it, another day’s gone by. But I always look forward to dropping in around here. Nice spirits.


    • robodd on November 19, 2010 at 6:43 am

    A song is anything that can walk by itself.

    Bob Dylan  

  9. …it would be well to continue developing our craft, the moral craft of building…

    …a world where good people need to find a way to come together in Love.

    It is nothing less than whether or not this small branch called homosapiens continues or dies off as just one more  failed evolutionary experiment.

    Thank you Thadius, and onward.    

    • Simplify on November 19, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Thanks for all you’ve done, and

    thanks for all you will do

    Hard to know whether something will work

    until you try it

  10. and the acceleration of time itself.

    As you get into the more spiritual stuff cruise on by David Wilcock’s Divine Cosmos.  It may sound weird but I hope it is at least allogorically correct.

    Things are happening at an accellerated pace.  Both parties, or rather bigger, most institutions, all of them, every area of human endeavor are compromised.  There is no health in medicine, no justice in law, no room for the enviornment in production, healthy foods NOT GMO tampered with or chemically altered or morals higher than minions of Satan.

    The old ways are collapsing but is this a bad thing, no.  More are waking up, walking away from the old, searching for the new.  We have a choice between earth’s fifth or six extinction level event or evolving into the next level of humanity.

  11. Belief systems are what produce the reality that we live in, soooo…..

    Let us all believe that light triumphs over dark, let us KNOW that in our deepest essence.

    Let us all KNOW no despair, no longing, no discomfort of soul self.

    Let us all KNOW the brillance of infinite bliss.

    Let us all KNOW the infinite variety of the One.

    I have been away from DD, other than for brief forays into lurkerhood for most of the last year, year and a half. Not because of a lack of meaningful things said here, but rather because of the realization of the futility of the political world, much like you have realized it Thadius. I have undoubtably missed tons of cool stuff. But I have had more pressing things occupying my time: cancers, boats, friends and philosophical ramblings. And I too am looking for a new direction in discourse, a new paradigm in action.

    Rather than being sad at the upcoming demise of DD, I feel a GLORIUS release of energy, a rebirth so to speak, on the horizon. The folk that I have come to know and admire here at DD, the synergy that I have felt and tried to emulate, the shared visions that I have seen here: these are eternal. The forums may change, the participants may come and go, yet the growth, of understanding, of emoting, of realizing, will continue.

    As to that bright wu-wu (HT to dharmasyd) corner of la-la land…..one word says it all


    Quantum physics is delving ever deeper into the theories of alternate realities. Stephen Hawking has recently come out and said about the newest, smallest and really, really indivisible [rotflmao] particles – bosons, tachyons, and another (whose name escapes my laughing mind right now), that each and every one has a seperate and discrete history, in other words, each is a seperate and discrete reality: each is an alternate reality. The leading edge of this line of thought deals with the divergence points between these nearly infinite numbers of realities. What is the cataylist that causes the divergence? I posit that it is intent, focused intent of ego. Now some get on their high horses in total umbrage that ego might be a good thing, yet with-out ego, we would not exist, period, it is what makes each of us unique. One of the most enlightening things I have ever read came from a small set of books published in the late 1800’s called “The Life and Teachings Of The Masters of The Far East” In one section, as one of the teachers put it, when all of the subjective, extraneous aspects of existence are removed, only one fact remains, the ability to say I AM, after that existential statment there is only division, subjective realties piled on the rock of existence.

    So in the quest for a new forum, in the quest for a better world to live in, my humble suggestion is for all of to intend to live in that better place, to feel it and live it in our subjective lives in any manner possible…. to feel the love and beauty of our intended lives to the fullest. To look for and seek out the unity, not the divisions. We, each of us, have a choice…. are we lovers or haters? Do we disparage others or do we try to teach them, by word if they will listen, or by example of they won’t?

    This is getting way too long and rambling, I know. Yet I love you all so much and hope to continue our mutual growth. The news of DD’s imminent demise is fresh and has me gushing, almost embarrasingly so, that is my only excuse.

    Another Yardbirds tune to close with…and weren’t they ahead of the curve?

    And bd/Thadius as Noor B suggested you have our email addys, keep us informed, please.

    Be well all

  12. ….but realizing that the “curved reality” is at odds with the linear, angular world of politics, influence, status and powerplays.

    The earth is curved, time is curved, friendships are curved.

    Thanks buhdy for sharing this wonderful ship/organism that is DD.

    I look forward to checking out the new space.


  13. In about 1,000 ways — I AGREE!  

    NOTHING can be accomplished politically now. The best we can hope for is a gathering of energy. The only thing that can make a difference (besides ‘events’) is people pooling their energy together to create a new ‘force.’

    In some ways, I’m rather proud, in a sense, that you’ve arrived at such a conclusion (frankly, it’s been obvious down the line and I think I’ve expressed my concern for “lack of action” a number of times).

    I had expressed some SERIOUS actions here and here, and I think others have done the same!

    I’ve always thought we should be MORE about actual action than just mere expression of our circumstances — with no intent to diminish efforts to expose the truth, as we all try to do — but it’s just not enough and never has been!

    Thanks and hugs, Tahoe!  

    • rossl on November 20, 2010 at 3:23 am

    At least, that’s what I believe.

    Thanks for doing what you did, and good lucking doing what you do.

  14. … to fully grok this:

    … to fight evil and seize The Moment. A Moment that was not seized, and that will not come back. (It was very much a longshot anyway, but there are longshots worth fighting for. Or were.)


    • banger on November 20, 2010 at 2:00 pm

    Because there is no juice in the left. We are all about our separate ideas and notions. We are all about our separate concerns and lives. We are not about community except on the level of fantasy. I emphasize here that online communities are largely fantasy sites not much different from fan sites or whatever. When real face-to-face community emerges, then you’ll find juice. But in our narcissitic age that’s unlikely. There’s more community and juice on the right. Even though they really live in outrageous fantasies they clearly have the right idea. If I were to get interested in politics again, aside from just being a fan of it which I will remain, I would probably move to the libertarian right–not that I agree with them, mind you but at least they seem to have some juice.

  15. all of you who started and have participated on this blog, the behind the scenes blogorchestrators, the writers, the commenters, the poets, the researchers, the artists, the comics, the passionate one and all.

    Thank you Buhdy/Thadius for giving us all a pallet to paint on for the last 3 years or so. I think this blog established a genuine group of comrades. I hope this group can morph and keep in touch somehow into the future. I see it as a seedling in need of transplant into a different kind of soil. There is no doubt but that seedling will grow ever more beautiful and strong. Don’t forget to dip the roots in B-12 first before transplanting though! 🙂

    Thank you for provoking, for inspiring, for perplexing, for humoring, for loving, for caring.

    My love and care right back to all of you.

    And here’s one from my DD photobucket files that always reminds me of what this blog and its members have meant to me.

  16. I am new to this blog, but have been on dailykos for 2-1/2 years.

    Do not leave.

    Do not give up.

    Do not give in.

    You have more friends that you know.

    You are far closer to achieving victory than you might imagine.

    I am a 35 year practitioner of ancient warrior principles, Martial Arts, and I speak to you as a fellow follower of The Path … you need to re-assess the merits of your strategy, and what you consider is “winning” and “weakness” … your enemies are far weaker than they are letting on, and they are far closer to crumbling than they want you to believe. They have targeted you, for a reason, because THEY FEAR YOU. Because you have hurt them. Because you HAVE hurt them, far more than you realize. Far more than they want you to know.

    You have them on the run, and the only thing that will loose you this victory is if buy into the ILLUSION they are SELLING YUO buy giving in now.

    I remember from movie THE HUSTLER, with Paul Newman, when he was playing pool against Minnesota Fats, and he lost, and Minnesota says to him, “Do you know why I beat you, kid? …………….. Because I outlasted you.”

    Don’t give up.

    This site is important.

    You are important.

    Temper your approach.

    Temper your attacks.

    Do not let them goad you into an attack that attempts to hurt them, even when it feels like there is an opening.


    ** The purpose of the “Sword Cut” is NOT to cut or hurt your opponent,  

    ** The purpose of the “Sword Cut” is to CLEANSE/HONE the Spirit.

    Do not let them bait you into loosing your CENTER when you cut.

    Let your cut sing simply: THE SWORD OF TRUTH.

    And then, let your impeccably centered stance of truth sing for itself, and they will impale themselves upon your never-ending never-ceasing CUTS OF TRUTH.

    You wrote that you wanted this site to be one wherein Art is included in our discourse, well: here is an ancient art, to speak my discourse:

    I present to you:

    The Wrathful God Truth, wielding the THE VAJRA, The Sword of Truth, to overcome ALL falsehood.

    You are not alone.


  17. The character named buhdydharma has become small. And ineffective. An old voice for an old time. Polarizing and divisive. And by far the worst of all….self limiting. I have tried to fight that, tried to have him remain large, but it hasn’t worked and it is to the point now where buhdy restricts Thadius. Buhdy really has nothing left to say, certainly not in the realm of politics.

    your recent re-emergence at the big orange blog energized me, and many others. buhdy has plenty left to say if you will allow him to speak through you.

    you are large…buhdy is large. you have control over whether that presence is diminished.  

  18. Thank you for being here and sharing and doing what you do/have done.  It has been a special place.  I think we all feel change is coming.  I hope and trust – your new place will be as special.

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