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Well, it’s that holiday time of year again when all you want is some mindless entertainment to spare you from dealing with your relatives and TV programmers screw with you by replacing all your familiar favorites with sappy specials and marathons of your least liked shows made more inpenetrable by the one line crawl of uselessness that TV Guide channel has become.

Thank goodness kindly uncle ek is here to highlight a few moments of blessed distraction as well as some of the potential pitfalls to be avoided.

I look on it as a public service.

My job is made a little easier because of a neat little network ‘day at a glance’ feature of Zap2it TV Listings.  Click on the channel name.  I’m going midnight to Paid Programming since you might be busy with late night preparations and early morning celebrations or shopping trips.  I’m putting the main meat below the fold because the table is too long for the Front Page.  It’s arranged by time and marathons (4 half hour episodes, 3 hour episodes, double features, themes, and Instapeats) may be noted earlier than you expect, but they do also include the running time so you know when they end.

Nothing like watching A Christmas Story 25 times in a row.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Midnight 11/25

1 am

  • USAPsych marathon until 4 am

2 am

3 am

3: 30 am

5:30 am

6 am

  • CNBC– Business Documentaries until 2 am
  • TLCCake Boss marathon until 3 am
  • USABurn Notice marathon until 6:30 pm

7 am

  • FXKung Fu Panda x 9 (yup, until 1 am.  Hope you like Jack Black.  A lot.)
  • MSNBC– Pedophiles and Prisoners until 5 am.  Yum.
  • SpeedDangerous Drives marathon until 8 pm

8 am

  • A&EFirst 48 marathon until 4 am (if it happens to be your favorite)
  • History– Aliens! marathon (No, they’re really real.  How else would they be on the “History” channel until 3 am?  Breaks for The Real Story of Thanksgiving at 11 pm and 3 am.  I’ll bet there were Aliens! there too.)
  • LifetimeWill & Grace marathon until 11:30 am
  • OxygenRunning Russell marathon until noon
  • Sci FiThunderball (the good 1965 version with Sean Connery)
  • Turner ClassicA Man to Remember
  • TV LandI Dream of Jeannie marathon until 2 pm

9 am

  • CBSThe Thanksgiving Day Parade on CBS (exclusive The Stars Hollow Gazette liveblog)
  • NBCMacy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade (liveblog, yes the same one)
  • DiscoveryMythbusters marathon until 8 pm
  • National GeographicEarth-History marathon until 2 pm
  • ToonTom & Jerry marathon until 2:30 pm
  • TravelMan v. Food marathon until 4 am (thank goodness)

9:30 am

10 am

10:30 am

11 am

11:30 am


  • NBCThe National Dog Show (from the Kennel Club of Philadelphia)
  • ESPN2– College Hoopies, Boston College v. Texas A&M
  • NickiCarly (1 hour special)
  • OxygenSnapped marathon until 10 pm
  • TBSMajor Payne
  • TV GuideUgly Betty marathon until 2 am (told you they were fucking useless)

12:30 pm

1 pm

1:30 pm

2 pm

2:30 pm

3 pm

3:30 pm

4:30 pm

5 pm

5:30 pm

6 pm

6:30 pm

7 pm

  • DisneyThe Incredibles
  • ESPN2– College Hoopies, Georgia v. Notre Dame
  • FoodAlton, Meat Balls and Meat Sauce
  • LifetimeThe Break Up x 2 (repeat @ 11 pm)

8 pm

8:30 pm

9 pm

10 pm

10:30 pm

11 pm

  • DiscoveryMythbusters Punkin Chunkin (premier Instapeat)
  • ESPNSports Center marathon until noon (with an exception at 3 am for a repeat of A&M @ Texas)
  • TBS– New Conan!  What’s he doing working on Thanksgiving?  He hosts Jim Parsons, Marisa Miller, and Brendon Walsh
  • Vs.Rocky IV

11:30 pm

  • ESPN2– College Hoopies, Tulsa v. UNLV

Midnight 11/26

1 am

1:30 am

2 am

3 am

4:30 am

5:30 am

6 am


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  1. a proper vent hole here again. It’s a toss up between Ace Ventura or Weekend at Bernie’s for my cooking spree entertainment. Lately all I want is more funny stupid movies. No football? Happy thanksgiving to you ek.    

  2. Ben 10 on cartoon network.  It’s all about “the multitude of powers,” i.e., being power-mad, at age 8.  He and his friends have long, serious discussions (one-ups-manships, really) about hypothetical “powers,” e.g., “mirror man” can do anything you just suggested your hypothetical hero can do.  Retort?  yes, but it takes him time to do it, and my hero is in charge of time itself.  it’s “interminable.”  Life is all downhill from there, I guess.

    Happy Thanksgiving, ek.

  3. “over the river and through the woods”… then back home tonight.

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