The Mid-Term Morons of Daily Kos

You fucking morons!

First it was Obama, the Progressive Hero!

Then it was Obama, the 13-Dimensional Chess-Politician!

And month after month after month you were nothing but brain-dead cheerleaders for that stinking con-man.

On the basis of what?

On the basis of nothing but ridiculous blather that anybody with the brains of a flea could see through in one second.

Weren’t you supposed to be “the reality-based community?”

But you were nothing but a mob of TV-intoxicated morons.

“Behold the charisma of Barack Obama!”

So you shit-eating thugs ganged up and banned anybody who didn’t drink the fucking Koolaid, and erased every comment that questioned your shit-head Messiah.

And now what?

We can all look forward to year after year of paralysis, while thousands species are wiped off the face of the earth and millions of Americans lose their jobs and houses and sink into total destitution, and Obama’s goddamned surge in Afghanistan destroys the lives of thousands of Afghan civilians and makes us hundreds of thousands of new blood-enemies, and citizens of every nation in Southwest Asia are tortured at Bagram, while Obama sucks ass for the banks.

So thanks for everything, you ass-sucking thugs and morons!


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  1. I really tried to take the fight to those shit-heads at Daily Kos, but unfortunately my vocabulary ran out of pizzazz at about half the intensity of an appropriate rebuke!

  2. the keep Pelosi as head of the House Dems right now.

    You know…

    Nancy “Impeachment is off the table” Pelosi…

    Nancy “Single Payer is off the table” Pelosi…

    Nancy “The Public Opiton is off the table” Pelosi…

    Nancy “The House Speaker who helped to lead us to this debacle” Pelosi…

    Etc., Etc. and so forth.

  3. I imagine those “mid-term morons” are mostly corporacrats and other (in)vested interests.  DK is well and truly infested now.  Bedbugs are slackers in comparison.

    I’d rec you sentiments, but “ass-sucking” is just too nauseating to contemplate.  I could have done without getting that image stuck in my head.  I may be constipated for days.

    How about pickle-sucking, for example.  Or wasabi-sniffing.  Still wince-worthy, but at least they get digestive juices flowing.  And at my age I need all the digestive help I can get.

    • banger on November 8, 2010 at 03:41

    Can’t say I blame you if you take the doings at DKOS seriously. We have to understand, once again, that the site is a Democratic Party site for Democratic Party operatives and activists. What else are they going to do other than hope for the best for the Party they seem to believe in. Party first and policy second is their hierarchy of values. They believe we are in a struggle and that solidarity is more important than truth. You and I and most of us here no longer believe that the Democratic Party is actually struggling for anything we can recognize as useful. But what to we have? Not much. I don’t begrudge them their illusions and their sense of loyalty.  

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