ReFrame Wealthy Tax Cuts to Reality – The Wars

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Many profited off these two long running occupations and still do. Wall Street brokers and the brokerage houses, Bankers! Wall Street investors directly or indirectly, you invest, especially big investors, you invest with those making steady profits and War is a steady profit making endeavor! The lobbyist of modern times especially for the Corporate Lobbyist! The Washington so called think tanks and especially those running them! Sadly many of the Military and Veterans organization charities especially those running them or on the boards of and companies doing business with them! And many more reaped huge wealth, no bid contractors, mercenary armies that grew, the list can go on and on!

These tax cuts were brought on and signed into existence as we started and waged two invasions and occupations and those continue, as does the profits and wealth from!!

I have counters of the war costs on a couple of my sites, as many others do, that continually roll numbers forward to the plus side, are they accurate, who knows, but they do follow the totals rarely given in the press when some real journalist feels the need to.

There was a huge growth in wealth as a result of starting both these Wars of Choice. Once again I’ll say it as I have often, Afghanistan stopped being about anything related to 9/11 as soon as the drums beat and pointed at Iraq. That wealth growth was quickly added to, at the same time, with the bush tax cuts, especially for the old wealthy and the numerous new wealthy and especially the War Profiteers. Us regular foke didn’t get a tax cut we got a quick transfer of what was going into the treasury into the hands of some of those wealthy and plus. Even before the tax cut bill was signed the gas prices started rising and didn’t stop till they hit four and five plus dollars a gallon taking a long time to roll back from those numbers to settle roughly back to a buck plus the cost before that rise started. If one didn’t own a vehicle they saw the cost of the public transportation they use start rising as well or did shortly after as well as still on going cuts in service area’s.

Any corporation even remotely related to the military supply complex saw profits grow. The no bid government contracts not only caused huge growth in many corporations, take Haliburtan, but also new startups like the mercenary private armies, take Blackwater (Xe now) and the heads of as well as the huge paychecks of those joining them, sans the meager for real soldiers, especially those who moved up the ladder advancing within. The investors on Wall Street, especially the controlling investment houses, saw any made into the Military Industrial Complex corporation machinery bringing in huge returns. All of that continues as we are still occupying both theaters.

Note: Very little was being done for the Veterans of these two present day Wars nor us older Veterans, conflict or peacetime. Than we found out neither were the no bid contractors not only not being watched, the job of Congress, little was being done here, take Walter Reed or the living Barracks for the soldiers training for or returning from these wars, take Fort Bragg, or booting out soldiers developing PTSD and illnesses by saying they had pre-existing conditions so they couldn’t receive VA care for their service and conditions, and much much more. As to all that and much more finally in 2007 Congress started doing it’s jobs, investigations, congressional hearings, over site in trying to catch up to what hadn’t been done, as these two wars raged, but continuing same into the 111th Congress and advancing forward on old and new issues related to those of us who serve, Veterans of the Military and the Countries Wars! Within the Veterans Administration a leader was chosen that was booted from his long military career by the previous executive administration and he brought in a great group, as it’s been showing, of people to help him finally move the VA forward and into the 21st century in many ways. From care to technology to more, and in doing so will help streamline the costs and administration. He’s even used monies that were brought out to try and stop the rapid slide of our economy, the Recovery Act Funds, and started further improvements, from Care to the National Cemeteries to even further much needed Technology all without the Public knowing, because they don’t pay attention, they were Finally Sacrificing, creating jobs on the front end and in almost all cases long term jobs, government and civilian, as well as saving businesses in the communities, creating jobs as well there, and thus the communities themselves!

There was even wealth to be had in the Veterans related charity organizations and with that wealth saw a rise in not monies for veterans needs but executive pay, bonuses and supposedly related meetings and trips to enhance further the coffers, cost more and to more lavish rich destinations. With that also came the use, under that so called patriotic banner, by others for a wide range of reasons, take the now very wealthy beck who used one singled out Veterans organization, that seems to be legit, to get a more favorable IRS write off for a gathering in Washington from the contributions to that gathering then recently Verbally Spit on Veterans. It also brought out the many grifter types, way to numerous to list here, who would use the Soldiers or Veterans for their own gain and political leanings like this grifter scumbag, which was nothing more then a personal and political slush fund. He did manage to help buy himself an attorney general and a law in Virginia to make his grifting life easier in that state, trouble was the story about him and his fake veterans group had just stated hitting the news and quickly went viral, but it did take the corporate mainstream awhile to catch up.

End the tax cuts on the Wealthy, but as a Country I would like to see All the tax cuts ended, gas prices aren’t going to go back down and the masses already transferred theirs long ago, Nobody has yet to mention any ‘Sacrifice’, teabaggers and your reps you read?, as they totally ignore both still ongoing and deadly for all occupations!!


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