Primary Him.


Obama Signals Willingness to Compromise.

                                                                          Primary the SOB.


I’m done, totally done, with him.  



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    • Edger on November 3, 2010 at 20:31

    If he didn’t see yesterday coming, then he doesn’t deserve the job he has. Nor does he qualify for it, even remotely.

    More of what got him this result is his solution? What a fool.

    • Mu on November 3, 2010 at 20:42

    “I congratulate Congressman Boehner and the Republican Politicans who won their House, and Senate, races yesterday.  I congratulate the Democrats who won, too, in an election where, historically, being the party in power, being the majority party, they’re ‘supposed‘ to lose seats.  Such is American politics.

    “Let me get right to the issue of governing now.  Republican politicians contend that the American People want Democrats to start behaving more like Republicans. O.K., we’ll accommodate.

    “One, the voters sent a clear message to Democrats: when you abandon your base and your core principles, they will find it exceeding difficult to fight for Democrats come election time. Therefore, I will urge House and Senate Democrats redouble their efforts to fight for the American people and against Wall Street, the Health Insurance and Credit Card and Big Oil cartels. I and this Administration will take the lead in those efforts.

    “Two, of course voters also sent the message that if they really wanted radical, extremist members of the other party to take over Washington, then the Senate races in Delaware, West Virginia, Colorado, Nevada and Alaska would have turned out quite differently. We hear you and, indeed, we will fight tooth and nail against Right Wing extremism.

    “I hear you. We hear you. Our sleeves are rolled up. We’re ready, willing and eager to stand with and fight for the American people and against Wall Street excesses.  Moreover, we will contemplate making drastic cuts in spending in states that take in more Federal Tax dollars than they send in.  We will fight unceasingly to make sure the budget-busting tax breaks for the rich don’t get reinstated when they expire.  And everything else will be on the table.

    “Thank you.”

    But, no, he had to come out all hangdog and ask the Republicans if they’d like to sing another round of Kumbaya.  

    So what are the ‘bots at orange saying now?  That the “master plan” is all coming together and The One is playing this just right?


  1. …a slightly longer essay on this same theme, with a little help from my friends the Beatles!  Don’t mean to crowd your space.  I think we should leave both up.  I understand your being “done.”  But I’m still into trying.  Maybe we could sneak some silly-psybin into the WH drinking water

    Just kidding, of course.  But he sure does need something to wake him up, arouse his awareness and consciousness.

    At this point, he is a total disaster.  

  2. ” I’m the one who says, ‘yes…no…now….here”.

    The mid-term election shows the USA is close to the cliff, might as well go over the edge with this guy,  he is quit confident and that is what we need now, more than ever.


  3. …. per the HuffPo.  lol.  

  4. What’s the point of primarying Obama?

    We need to give early support to progressives to get into House primaries basically from Spring of next year, so they’ve criss-crossed their districts and have talked to most voters at least once by primary day. Whether those are Republican held seats with an (R) incumbent or Republican held seats with now toothless Blue Dog (D) incumbent.

    Instead we are going to waste time and effort and energy arguing about whether or not to primary Obama? The same time and effort and energy we wasted rather than getting started on the 2010 election in Spring of 2011?

    • Wom Bat on November 5, 2010 at 16:14


     Primary the SOB.

    sugar-coat it like that.

  5. I’ve been working on this for a while:

    Time for a Dump Obama movement

    Dump Obama:  more urgent than ever

    Dump Obama: working today

    Dump Obama:  for a time of crisis

    Dump Obama:  time for a candidate

    Dump Obama:  not for wackos only

    The conversation at FDL is getting hot and heavy, in a good way.

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