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  1. which I am madly doing as we speak.

    Remember when that tree limb fell, during a storm, onto my garage roof? August 30th 2010. I posted about here in an Open Thread. Well, the re-model is finally done. 99.5% done. Got insurance money for it, which was all very weird for me. Kinda like monopoly money…. nice fat sock o coin but HAD to use it on the garage/laundry room, basically. (long story).

    Anyway, so we got this ridiculous, I mean, really sinful, new … not even “new” Washer and Gas (YAY) Dryer, Energy Star blablabla. I got it at Sears Outlet scratch n dent, its like half price, still I almost coulda bought a car…lol … but its fake money, what are you gonna do?

    It is to die for.

    I feel so guilty happy guilty happy… Ive never had anything but the $100 barrio version of laundry machinery. I dont know how to act. :/

    This washer/dryer set is so frikkin smart, we’re gonna hafta start a special savings account to pay off its college fund I swear. I think it has a PhD.


    wanna see? Disgusting huh. lol.

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