Krugman: Is Obama More of a Coward, or More of an Idiot?

Paul Krugman, November 1, 2010…

John Boehner, the House minority leader, was widely mocked last year when he declared that “It’s time for government to tighten their belts” – in the face of depressed private spending, the government should spend more, not less. But since then President Obama has repeatedly used the same metaphor, promising to match private belt-tightening with public belt-tightening. Does he lack the courage to challenge popular misconceptions, or is this just intellectual laziness? Either way, if the president won’t defend the logic of his own policies, who will?

Is Obama more of a coward, or more of an idiot?

You decide.


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  1. Obama may be a bought-and-paid-for stooge for crooked bankers, created more or less out of nothing by Penny Pritzker in 2002.

    Pritzker was Obama’s financial chairperson in his Senate and Presidential campaigns, and a totally crooked a sub-prime banker who disappeared all the deposits from Superior Bank into bogus real-estate transactions, and then bought her way out of jail with the Pritzker billions.

    And now… What a surprise!… Obama gives Penny and her friends everything they need or want, and the rest of us get fucked.

  2. or he’s both. He’s just a a tool, a graven idol, a mouthpiece to convince people that this is change and the new normal, when in fact it’s the same fascism moving forward. If anything he’s more of a coward then an idiot. It is irrelevant whether he’s personally a coward or an idiot, he’s just a concoction. He is simply the back up plan they threw out when people got wise to the Bush regime, the political machine needed a ‘change’ to maintain their grip on power. He allowed people to think they were voting our better angels. To me anyway we have had (supposedly) good cop bad cop for as long as I have voted. Look at the the last four elections we have had the Bushies and Clinton’s the two powerful political forces that control electoral politics. You ask me the presidents are all self serving ideologues and there ideology is not democratic it’s about power and dominance.

    To me,’we the people’ are the ones who are idiots and cowards. We seem unable to face the reality of the situation were in and prefer to believe the lie.. Krugman calls them moralizers and they are the ones who call themselves pragmatic, and cling to the beliefs of the idiot Reagan, who for a lousy senile actor managed to convince enough of the people that we were exceptional and that GE brings good things to you. Greed is good but debt is bad, voodoo economics. Our only hope is bottom up ironically but people are idiotic and cowardly, they just want help to go to those that deserve it.

    Those who deserve it are apparently those who are the winners, not the deadbeats who didn’t know how to play the game. The oligarchs are playing a dangerous game as how long will austerity and extortion work when it starts making losers of us all. There arrogance is stunning but maybe not it depends on how much of this bs people will take. Fear and greed are hard to change when a society calls them their Dream and roots for the winners, in a rigged game.        


  3. Both Obama and Clinton had absent fathers. Their psychology appears similar in the seeking the approval of male authority figures is prominent in their careers, to the detriment of the nation and the world.  

  4. WAY over his head.  He’s swimming with sharks in a feeding frenzy (no insult to sharks intended).  Add to that a toxic mix of elite school programming (how to get rich and powerful the amoral way) and a circle of advisors with disasterous and criminal agendas, and the result is a fracking mess.

    The greatest irony is that he’s supposed to be a Constitutional scholar and he’s dismissing the rule of law.  

    It’s saddest that his epitaph will probably be “He could have been great.”

  5. Manchurian candidate

    Somebody else’s bitch

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