Fear and Hate.

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 This will be a relatively short essay.  No photos.  No links.  

 Someone brighter than me recently hit upon a simple but insightful truism regarding American “major party” politicians:  Republicans fear their base, Democrats hate theirs.

 Spot on.

 At least for the last generation, Republican politicians live in more or less constant terror that their base will rise up against them if they don’t take the hardest-Right, most frothingly partisan position available (or which they can create).  Or, if they’re already inclined towards John Bircherism, they cruise along in the smug assurance that they can be found with the proverbial “live boy or dead woman” and it won’t matter one whit to their forgiving base (as long as they, the politician, admit that he’s a sinner and rails against whatever the Democratic cause de jure is).

 Democratic politicians, on the other hand, treat their base like the crazy uncle who lives in the guest room and whose Social Security checks help pay the household bills.  They need them around in order to keep those checks coming in, but they live a life of dread and resentment:  dread that nutty Uncle Lonny will pick the lock on his bedroom door and shamble into the living room at the next dinner party and strike up conversations with the decent people in attendance, and resentment that they have to keep this burdensome and onerous relative around as the bills, alas, keep coming in and must be paid.

 Of course one of the ironies of this dynamic, of these relationships, is that these days the Republican base are much more likely to be radicalized, to resort to violence, to behave like political jihadists (which should embarrass or repel most people within shrieking distance), which your basic Democratic base member merely wants to be able to go to the doctor without risking bankruptcy, corrupt Wall Streeters to be held no less criminally culpable as petty pot dealer from whom he, the Wall Streeter, buys his grass, and wants gay people to not get beaten or bullied to death.  All in all, rather modest demands, as demands go.  Also, Democratic base members are more likely to spell check their placards before putting them on public display.

 Nevertheless, these principles hold true.  Thus the average Republican politician during the average election season has little trouble “firing up” his or her base because during the course of their life in public office, or, if they’re a newcomer, during the course of their campaign, they’ve said, “How high?” whenever their base has screamed, “Jump!”  The Democrat, on the other hand, has to “rally” their base and “fire them up” because during the course of their time in office they’ve kept that same base at arm’s length (at best) and when their Democratic base has yelled, “Jump!” their officer holder has said, “Sit down and shut up!.  And don’t forget to support me (read:  send money) come next election.  And don’t forget to vote!”

 So there you have it.



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    • Mu on November 1, 2010 at 1:51 pm


     Which I think sums up my feelings right now (turn it up. loud. louder.):


  1. repulsed. repulsion. repelled.

    It goes against everything I am but I am really struggling with my obligation to go vote tomorrow. I hate Rick Perry with a passion. A Dem Gov’r in Texas would make a difference in, at least, some more minor ways, especially I would HOPE, what passes for “justice” that gets dished out in this state. But…. if I do, it will be with a heavy heart and no real confidence that it makes any gotdam hair of difference in the overall.

    • banger on November 1, 2010 at 4:19 pm

    As far as I can see they are so adept at manipulating that base they have no reason to fear anything. The fact is that the Republican base is the most ignorant and forgetful segment of a society that thrives on ignorance and amnesia. They forget, of course, that the Republicans have no intention of cutting government or being fiscally responsible because they never have been interested in those things when they are in power. What they do and have done is make politics akin to professional wrestling full of finger-pointing absurd threats and rhetoric that they have no intention of carrying out unless the oligarchs give the green light.

    Both major parties ignore their base–the difference is that most Republican politicians are Machiavellians that will do anything to be in positions of power that enable them to get better sexual partners, a lifetime of riches, and jobs for their relatives and friends that is, in my view, the extent of their ideology. I don’t believe any of the major Tea Party candidates are or will be any different other than Rand Paul who appears to be genuine if a little clumsy.

  2. They detest them. Their pomposity and arrogrance is on constant display. Washington sanitizes them from their latest campaign mingling with the common man. Their focus always shifts to making themselves comfortable until the next run. The parties have their own idioms, but who the f*k can take them seriously? They’re all bumbling fools dancing to the monkey grinder while chasing down loose change like their lives depended on it. It’s all in the open now with their big, fat, naked asses staring the people right in their faces, laughing.  

  3. I’m a confirmed voter not even likely, I’m down as fool who’ll vote for whatever lame show the Dems. present. They didn’t even bother with the bait and switch this time around just vote or we lose our democracy and weapons of thieving bankers, extortionists, lunatics, spooks, fascists and sadistic mercenary goons will kill yer family and take away your civil and human rights and set the world on fire. Such an idle threat as if voting for them will stop any of these accomplishments, voting only allows them to move forward with their mutual wet dreams of geopolitical power and the destruction of our representative system. Hardest vote I’ve ever cast.  

    Yes I voted today, coward that I am. Not voting makes them even happier as it culls those who refuse to believe in their sick horror show. Leaves the partisan loyalists who only care about winning their own brand of oppression and austerity for and by the ruling class. The only palatable positive part of delivering my vote was the voting for my State House representative who was listed twice on the ballot once as a Democrat and then again as a Working Families Party candidate. I also voted for a county measure that keep public funding of elections in Portland. First time ever I voted third party on a national level, working family Party, for senator and it felt good.    

    What a farce our electoral system has become and yes I blame the Democrat’s. Vote and pay the vig because your irresponsible and don’t deserve help as we wealth creators are inevitable and you should be grateful. We keep you safe from the thugs who will really fuck you up and even lower your credit card rates and give you mandated crap unaffordable insurance.                      

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