Full Spectrum Dominance

I don’t always have time but the beauty of people waking up is I don’t have to!

It is us against the anal sociopathic globalist control dweebs.  Not the Palin party nor the KumBaYah party or even the spiritual enlightenment party.


But seriously is there an “Illuminati” plot to ruin the very fabric of independence and pioneer spirit Americans used to be famous for?  Well I have recently observed an evil trend in the RV macerator business.  What is a macerator?  It is the thing one uses to get the poop out of the holding tank if your favorite camping spot does not have “the facilities”.  Well we don’t fly, we don’t cruise and we don’t have facilities.

The old reliable style macerator.


The “new” macerator.


Note that the old macerator pump connects directly to the standard RV holding tank connection while the “new” style leaves the plumbing connections up to you.  Ok, so you might be asking why this is significant.  Why is this important.  Well they, yup, “them them” don’t want you and your loved ones going off the grid all by yourselves in the backwoods where you can enjoy nature.  They don’t want you far away from the din of electronic media, the shopping mall and other sheeple who act as police in keeping your thought train in line.

Hitler flips out!

The False Flag before 911

And hey, yeah you,why are you not shopping.

It’s Black Friday don’t you know.


  1. This is obviouly the work of the Majestic 12!


    The dates have a superfluous comma after the month, e.g. “18 November 1952”. A comma is not used after the month in this date format. Every date in the briefing document has this error.

    No known authentic letters or memos from Hillenkoetter has the error of the superfluous comma and none used the prepended zero.


    All known authentic Hillenkoetter letters and memos use “R. H. Hillenkoetter” as the author’s name, whereas the briefing document uses “Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter”.  

    And that prepended zero is as phony as a seven-dollar bill, or my name isn’t Roscoe H. Hillenkoetter!

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