Farewell To America: Robert Kennedy Jr.

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I could try and summarize, but it is just best to listen to this video in it’s entirety.

I understand why Robert Kennedy Jr. has no interest in political office, I just don’t know who in politics can ever substitute for his voice, and his connect-the-dots knowledge of American History, and American Corruption.

Kennedy knows exactly what’s going on, but he has no power to fix it.

What “hope” does America have now?


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  1. “Martin Luther King said the tools of advocacy are agitation, legislation, litigation, and education. I would add to that innovation, which may turn out to be one of the most powerful tools of advocacy. We have an opportunity now, using new technologies, to displace the evildoers, the oil industry and the coal industry, and turn this country back into a democracy.”

          –Robert Kennedy Jr.

  2. An article I wrote six years ago.  Kennedy echoes many of the points of my article.


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