96.9 Boston Talks China Russia Quit Dollar

The zombification of America factor, ie, the Sarah Palin effect in full bloom in Boston.  What statement points this out?

Bill Clinton weakened Homeland Security.

Ok so I would like to point out that Homeland Fucking Stupidity did not, like, like fucking exist in the Clinton years but that would be arguing with history revisionist morons.  And why do I even bother listening to a right wing wackjob station I know I will have to do spiritual meditation after anyways.  Partly to monitor the lower spiritual realms, study the enemy so to speak.

China Russia quit dollar!  


The theme of the feeble talking points of the right wing day is how best to submit to the Gestapo-Sexual Perverts of the Terminal Stupidity Administration over airplane security.

Hey, I wanna fly High Adventure Airlines myself.  No seatbelts, no pat downs just a loaner Glock 45 at boarding along with a complimentary parachute.

So censor it all I say.  Better yet lets have that massive solar CME event flying every silicon chip in the exposed hemisphere.


Russ Feingold?  WFT?


Try and have a Happy Native American genocide Day and tell the family they are not getting Black Friday material shit but you will spend more time enjoying their company.