4065 US Airstrikes Only Killed 19 Afghan Civilians!

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Air Force

4065 US airstrikes in Afghanistan only killed 19 civilians, so far this year!

The LA Times reported last week that in the first 10 months of this year, the number of Afghan civilians killed by U.S. and NATO fighters and bombers declined from 54 last year to 19 this year, a 65% drop.

And that’s the official story, as faithfully reported by ABC News, the Los Angeles Times, and many other outstanding representatives of the fearless and independent American press.



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  1. For example…

    U.S. military officials in Afghanistan said late Tuesday that “approximately” six civilians were killed in a July 23 missile strike – far fewer than the 52 civilians Afghan President Hamid Karzai said had died.

    Those stupid Afghans can’t even count!

    They have no idea how many people we kill in their country!

    They hate our arithmetic!

  2. that our military has appoximately zero respect for the public they’re so dedicated to protecting?  Huh.

    Incidentally, I wonder what those thousand sorties cost, aside from an indeterminate number of lives, of course.  It might be instructive for some intrepid, real reporter to tot up the cost per each of the 19 admittedly killed.  Jet wear, tear, and support; fuel;  munitions;  planning costs including satellites and computers;  personnel salaries and costs;  bribes and payoffs;  and so on.  I imagine the cost is staggering and might, just might, give the even the war-mongering segment of our population pause if they stop to remember it’s coming out of their pockets, too.  

    And when you consider it took the military over fifty sorties to kill each person–well, it doesn’t say much for their skill, does it?  In fact, now that I think about it, it’s an outright scandal!  They’re incompetent!  They all ought to be called home in disgrace.   Every single one of them.  Immediately.  

  3. I got a bridge for sale that you would love to buy.  Design by Roebling, more than a century old.  Priceless.

  4. In this case they don’t count since they aren’t alive any longer. The 19 were probably the ones that died a day or two later.

    Sick shit, man.

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