Show evidence of your stalking charge against kj in Missouri or retract it.

my second to last Warning was for calling someone stupid. MB said that me saying the person he was protecting was unable to actually think… was the equivalent of calling someone mentally ill, and was not allowed.

Using that logic, I have to say MB is acting very “mentally ill” right now.

But really, how can you blame him? He has helped chase all the non-“mentally ill” people off the site, so he is now, by choice,  surrounded by “mentally ill” people, in a “mentally ill” political system, in a “mentally ill” country.

Apparently, “mental illness” is contagious.

Iow, he is just another weak Dem, willing to let stupid people walk all over him in the interest of being “polite and fair” tio people who want to destroy everything he…and we…stand for.