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A Ridiculously short Essay on a Ridiculous Subject

After what seems like eternities of floating along without trial or much else besides “Dancing with the Stars”, his nibs Mr Delay was convicted today of various frauds.  He now faces a sentence of 6 years to life, quite a span.

His attorney pronounces this to be a great miscarriage of justice and says

they will delay appeal.

Somehow, all I can say is:

Who gives a flying, freaking dancing with the stars?

Give him the max for the assault on … whatever…

Turkeyday TV

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Well, it’s that holiday time of year again when all you want is some mindless entertainment to spare you from dealing with your relatives and TV programmers screw with you by replacing all your familiar favorites with sappy specials and marathons of your least liked shows made more inpenetrable by the one line crawl of uselessness that TV Guide channel has become.

Thank goodness kindly uncle ek is here to highlight a few moments of blessed distraction as well as some of the potential pitfalls to be avoided.

I look on it as a public service.

My job is made a little easier because of a neat little network ‘day at a glance’ feature of Zap2it TV Listings.  Click on the channel name.  I’m going midnight to Paid Programming since you might be busy with late night preparations and early morning celebrations or shopping trips.  I’m putting the main meat below the fold because the table is too long for the Front Page.  It’s arranged by time and marathons (4 half hour episodes, 3 hour episodes, double features, themes, and Instapeats) may be noted earlier than you expect, but they do also include the running time so you know when they end.

Nothing like watching A Christmas Story 25 times in a row.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Be a Hero – Stand Up- Be Heard

I find heros in the oddest places.

Those who are willing to stand up and be heard while facing all odds.

I learned of such a hero today – Beverly May. Beverly is an opponent to Coal Mountain Top Removal in Kentucky. Beverly’s story is told via PBS documentary Deep Down.  She along with Terry Ratliff organize their community and push back  

Waiting for the big one: Price discovery

With caveats, Barry Ritholtz sez the recession is over, and essentially that one couldn’t kill the remaining zombie perma-bears if you strapped them to a nuke and launched them into the Sun (which the true bears believe has already happened.  The rest is just travel time.).

As a perma-bear who believes that the United States is manifestly in an advanced state of moral, political, and economic decrepitude, I found his breezy optimism startling, and potentially even “dangerous,” as in “the sound of great applause lauding folly, then a long period of silence” kind of dangerous.

Translator’s Thanksgiving Message 20101124

Folks, tomorrow is Thanksgiving Day in the United States.  I shall not go onto the history of it, since everyone has her or his own interpretation, and the pundits have theirs.  The Big Bloviator promised to repeat his distorted idea of it again today on his foul radio program.  I made it a point to miss it.

However, it is important to reflect back on the previous year and consider the things for which one gives thanks, and actually to give those thanks.  I do not care if your thanks goes to a deity, to other people, or to communities like these.  The important is that one thinks about the good things that have happened during the past year and thanks someone other than one’s self for them.

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