111th Congress put policy before politics

And the 110th and 111th put Veterans and Military personal and their families above War, catching up to What Wasn’t Done, and moving further even for us older vets, just previous in the 108th and 109th as they waged Wars of Choice {Afghanistan stopped being about 9/11 as soon as the drums beat at Iraq} and terror on others, creating more hatreds thus enemies towards us {including others around this planet not even in those regions}, not what we are or what we stand for, or did once!! And none of the previous decade has anything to do with any religious ideology, never did and never will!!

Nov. 1: Rachel Maddow reviews the lengthy list of accomplishments of the Democratic Congress of the first half of President Obama’s first term and talks with NBC presidential historian Michael Beschloss about the historical context of this remarkable productivity.

This is a Reminder:

To Veterans and Military personal as to even if the so called republicans gain seats, or do take the house especially, All Forward Movement, much a long time coming, Will Come To A Screeching Halt!!  


  1. securing ancient artifacts they didn’t get in the first war.  Afghanistan is about the black-ops poppy crop and pipleline rights.  That and of course ripping up the US Constitution and Bill of Rights.

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