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The Incredible Tragedy that is Barack Obama

My god….

What have I done?

I voted for this?  I am partially responsible for this?  I had a hand in this?  I DID THIS?

How could I have been so naive, so god damned stupid to believe in this system once again?  How was I so easily duped?  How could this have happened?

It’s Enough To Make You Cry

WASHINGTON-According to a report released this week by the Center for Global Development, climate change, the popular mid-2000s issue that raised awareness of the fact that the earth’s continuous rise in temperature will have catastrophic ecological effects, has apparently not been resolved, and may still be a problem.

While several years have passed since global warming was considered the most pressing issue facing mankind, recent studies from the Center for Atmospheric Research, the National Academy of Sciences, NASA, the Pew Center on Global Climate Change, and basically any scientific report available on the issue confirmed that it is not only still happening, but might also be worth stopping.

“Global warming, if you remember correctly, was the single greatest problem of our lifetime back in 2007 and the early part of 2008,” CGD president Nancy Birdsall said. “But then the debates over Social Security reform and the World Trade Center mosque came up, and the government had to shift its focus away from the dramatic rise in sea levels, the rapid spread of deadly infectious diseases, and the imminent destruction of our entire planet.”

Republicans unveil plan to fix the economy

  Republican leaders unveiled a new, multi-step plan that will remake the American economy and turn the country into a capitalism utopia virtually overnight.

 “All it takes for this plan to work is for everyone to believe hard enough,” explained Congresswoman Michelle Bachmann. “Otherwise it will be all the fault of the Democrats when it fails.”

   The Republican plan for fixing the problem of the long-term unemployed involves relocating them to Glittenwood, the magical land of jobs.

All That Needs To Be Said: Hedges, A Recipe For Fascism.

This essay got not nearly enough attention.  Do you agree with me?  It practically says it all:

A Recipe for Fascism

By Chris Hedges

American politics, as the midterm elections demonstrated, have descended into the irrational. On one side stands a corrupt liberal class, bereft of ideas and unable to respond coherently to the collapse of the global economy, the dismantling of our manufacturing sector and the deadly assault on the ecosystem. On the other side stands a mass of increasingly bitter people whose alienation, desperation and rage fuel emotionally driven and incoherent political agendas. It is a recipe for fascism.

More than half of those identified in a poll by the Republican-leaning Rasmussen Reports as “mainstream Americans” now view the tea party favorably. The other half, still grounded in a reality-based world, is passive and apathetic. The liberal class wastes its energy imploring Barack Obama and the Democrats to promote sane measures including job creation programs, regulation as well as criminal proceedings against the financial industry, and an end to our permanent war economy. Those who view the tea party favorably want to tear the governmental edifice down, with the odd exception of the military and the security state, accelerating our plunge into a nation of masters and serfs. The corporate state, unchallenged, continues to turn everything, including human beings and the natural world, into commodities to exploit until exhaustion or collapse.

All sides of the political equation are lackeys for Wall Street. They sanction, through continued deregulation, massive corporate profits and the obscene compensation and bonuses for corporate managers. Most of that money-hundreds of billions of dollars-is funneled upward from the U.S. Treasury. The Sarah Palins and the Glenn Becks use hatred as a mobilizing passion to get the masses, fearful and angry, to call for their own enslavement as well as to deny uncomfortable truths, including global warming. Our dispossessed working class and beleaguered middle class are vulnerable to this manipulation because they can no longer bear the chaos and uncertainty that come with impoverishment, hopelessness and loss of control. They have retreated into a world of illusion, one peddled by right-wing demagogues, which offers a reassuring emotional consistency. This consistency appears to protect them from the turmoil in which they have been forced to live. The propaganda of a Palin or a Beck may insult common sense, but, for a growing number of Americans, common sense has lost its validity.

The liberal class, which remains rooted in a world of fact, rationalizes placating corporate power as the only practical response. It understands the systems of corporate power. It knows the limitations and parameters. And it works within them. The result, however, is the same. The entire spectrum of the political landscape collaborates in the strangulation of our disenfranchised working class, the eroding of state power, the criminal activity of the financial class and the paralysis of our political process.

Commerce cannot be the sole guide of human behavior. This utopian fantasy, embraced by the tea party as well as the liberal elite, defies 3,000 years of economic history. It is a chimera. This ideology has been used to justify the disempowerment of the working class, destroy our manufacturing capacity, and ruthlessly gut social programs that once protected and educated the working and middle class. It has obliterated the traditional liberal notion that societies should be configured around the common good. All social and cultural values are now sacrificed before the altar of the marketplace.

Open Belushi


Attack primer

All attacks come down to one thing…killing masses of archers.

Everything else is prep for that.

There are 3 ways to kill archers: Scout bombs. Cav smacks, and Mech waves.

Sadly, sct bmbs are becoming obsolete with the number of archers folks have now. An optimal sct bmb will kill 20k or so arch. If the target has 500k arch in his city, you need 2.5 million scts MINIMUM to kill them. Plus the scts you needed to kill his scts.  

Making and feeding over 3 mill scts is very expensive


You also have to clear out most of their warriors, or your sct bmbs will kill those instead.

If they have 3 times the amount of warr as they do arch, you will waste your scouts on killing warr.

That is where “Clearing Waves” come in.  Every method of killing archers efficiently requires clearing waves.  I will get to later.

BUT!!! If you are working as a team, ech member of the team can have around 2 mill scts, and that is very doable.

Wall Street About To Buy Off Congress Regarding Mortgages

Wall Street is about to try to push through another bill legitimizing MERS mortgages.

This will reek havoc on the rights of states to decide their real property laws and upset established mortgage law that has been around since the Revolutionary era.

If the federal government can usurp the rights of states to decide how real property liens are accomplished and recorded, then I would question whether state rights are just a fiction.

Normally one could count on the Sup. Ct. to stop this, but of course the proponent of this is the banking lobby.  This will be a repeat of Bush v. Gore where all of the justices vote opposite of what is normally expected.

Read about the proposed law here from Neil Garfield at  Neil has been the attorney on the web most responsible for bringing the mortgage fraud to light.…

Please help Neil’s warning go viral.

As an aside, Carol Molloy, a Tennessee attorney, is related to Neil by marriage and she argued my case on my behalf to the TN. court of civil appeals about two weeks ago.  I got an email from her this morning apprising me of Neil’s posting.

Haiti: Time To Email And Call Congress

nough.  I’ve been writing for the past week, daily, because I’m concerned that the cholera outbreak in Haiti endangers the lives of hundreds of thousands of people and especially threatens the more than a million Haitians who are living in tents or under tarps in Port au Prince and elsewhere in the country.

This morning’s Miami Herald Editorial captures exactly what needs to be said in the US about this impending public health disaster:

Robert Scheer: Appetites for Wealth

Laura Flanders of GRITtv talks once again with’s Editor-in-Chief Robert Scheer, author of “The Great American Stickup: How Reagan Republicans and Clinton Democrats Enriched Wall Street While Mugging Main Street“, about Barack Obama’s economic policies and team, about the blackmailing of you and the country and the world by Wall Street, about the financial industry lately booking two thirds of all profits produced by all economic activity in the United States, and about the parasitical mindset that now passes for “success” among the ultra-wealthy and their political servants in a morally warped empire in decline…or in freefall?

“Wall Street was blackmailing us,” says Robert Scheer of the bank bailouts, “And we got nothing in return.” It’s not news to any viewers of GRITtv that Wall Street’s tentacles ran throughout our election, but now that the election is over, we turn again to the running of government. Scheer joined us in the studio recently to discuss his new book, The Great American Stickup, and we asked him to give us some thoughts for after the election as well. Most pressing of all, he asks if either bankers or politicians are capable of thinking in anyone’s long-term interests. – November 6th, 2010

Robert Scheer: Appetites for Wealth

On This Veterans Day 2010

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Veterans Day 2010: “Caring for the invisible wounds”

{This video is some twenty two minutes long so you might want to visit the stories, links below, at the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and view each separately as you have the time}

Docudharma Times Thursday November 11

Thursday’s Headlines:

From a mental ward to classical music’s new star


General Electric moves production from its lamp plant in Virginia to China

Recession Shadows America’s Middle Class


Our chef in Paris – a life entertaining the ambassadors

Sarkozy Draws Ire Over Media Spying Claims

Middle East

Sun sets on US influence in Iraq as deal on new government loom

U.S. to use more drones to hunt for al Qaeda in Yemen


Tariffs and currency questions dominate China’s economic agenda

Philippines military waits in the wings


Top police face trial for DR Congo rights activist killing

Nigeria marks 15 years since execution of Saro-Wiwa

Latin America

Danger: the world is on its way

Sources: Pentagon group finds there is minimal risk to lifting gay ban during war

By Ed O’Keefe and Greg Jaffe

Washington Post Staff Writers  

A Pentagon study group has concluded that the military can lift the ban on gays serving openly in uniform with only minimal and isolated incidents of risk to the current war efforts, according to two people familiar with a draft of the report, which is due to President Obama on Dec. 1 More than 70 percent of respondents to a survey sent to active-duty and reserve troops over the summer said the effect of repealing the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy would be positive, mixed or nonexistent, said two sources familiar with the document. The survey results led the report’s authors to conclude that objections to openly gay colleagues would drop once troops were able to live and serve alongside them.

Muse in the Morning

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Muse in the Morning

Time for a break from poetry…in order to create some art.

The conventional view serves to protect us from the painful job of thinking.

–J.K. Galbraith


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