Wall Street About To Buy Off Congress Regarding Mortgages

Wall Street is about to try to push through another bill legitimizing MERS mortgages.

This will reek havoc on the rights of states to decide their real property laws and upset established mortgage law that has been around since the Revolutionary era.

If the federal government can usurp the rights of states to decide how real property liens are accomplished and recorded, then I would question whether state rights are just a fiction.

Normally one could count on the Sup. Ct. to stop this, but of course the proponent of this is the banking lobby.  This will be a repeat of Bush v. Gore where all of the justices vote opposite of what is normally expected.

Read about the proposed law here from Neil Garfield at livinglies.wordpress.com.  Neil has been the attorney on the web most responsible for bringing the mortgage fraud to light.


Please help Neil’s warning go viral.

As an aside, Carol Molloy, a Tennessee attorney, is related to Neil by marriage and she argued my case on my behalf to the TN. court of civil appeals about two weeks ago.  I got an email from her this morning apprising me of Neil’s posting.


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  1. As I have been banned from posting at most of the well known sites, I would sincerely appreciate it if you can spread Neil’s warning along.

  2. I thought that was already a done deal.

  3. It had to do with fraudulent affidavits.  Now they are coming back at the problem a different way.

  4. is supplanting the Republic as an autonomous entitiy. The meme of small government is simply a cover for a streamlined, economic management system based upon narrow interests. It’s a constitutional hijacking very similar to how the 14th Amendment was used after the Civil War: Corporate rights evolved into the paramount economic machine throughout the nation, as they purchased both the Federal Government and State Governments lock, stock and barrel. What we’re witnessing now, is an effort to leverage the Commerce Clause to further smooth the way for

    corporate dominance: To eventually place powerful corporations outside the jurisdiction of common law contract principles and ultimately tort damages. For the average American, for all intents and purposes, this already exists. Things are moving fast. It blows my mind.

    Hang on!

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