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Nobel Peace Prize winner’s wife has ‘disappeared,’ lawyer says

JINZHOU, China – The world’s newest Nobel Peace Prize winner remained unreachable in a Chinese prison Saturday, while his wife’s mobile phone was cut off and the authoritarian government continued to censor reports about democracy campaigner Liu Xiaobo’s honor.

Police kept reporters away from the prison where Liu is serving an 11-year sentence for subversion, and his lawyer said that Liu’s wife – who had been hoping to visit him Saturday and tell him the news of the award – has “disappeared” and he is worried she may be in police custody.

A Senseless War Begins Its 10th Year …an address to the nation from President Barack Obama (as reported by Michael Moore)

It is time for me to bring our troops home — right now. Not one more American needs to die. Their deaths do not make us safer and they do not bring democracy to Afghanistan.

Senate report: Mismanaged U.S. contractor money aids enemy in Afghanistan

WaPo: The U.S. military has only minimal knowledge of – and exercises virtually no control over – the thousands of Afghans it indirectly pays to guard its installations, including “warlords and strongmen linked to murder, kidnapping, bribery” and to the Taliban, Senate investigators said in a blistering report released Thursday.

The bipartisan report, compiled after a year-long investigation, notes that the military has recently launched its own investigations of the situation and has taken some steps to address it. In one of the most significant steps, Gen. David H. Petraeus, the top U.S. and NATO commander in Afghanistan, has issued new contractor guidelines.

Still, the Senate investigation documents a failure to properly vet, train and supervise Afghan security subcontractors, hired by U.S. and other international firms under multimillion-dollar military contracts.

That failure has cost American lives, undermined the U.S. mission and the Afghan government, and “helped play into the hands of the enemy,” said Sen. Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.), chairman of the Senate Armed Services Committee.

Wage peace.

10.10.10 Global Work Party

With your help, 10/10/10 is going to be the biggest day of practical action to cut carbon that the world has ever seen.

We’re calling it “A Day to Celebrate Climate Solutions”–together we’ll get to work in our communities on projects that can cut carbon and build the clean energy future.

Give peace a chance.


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    People For Peace  =====  ( will at least one day)

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    Happy Birthday John, for all the inspiration and truth you have given us.  

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