Prop 19: AG Holder Issues Shocking Threat Against State’s Rights To Legalize MJ

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( If you needed proof that the current “Democratic” administration is throwing support behind getting more Republicans elected this November instead of Democrats, here’s more.)  

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The Obama administration’s Attorney General Eric Holder, fresh off his decision to appeal of Judge Virginia Phillip’s injunction against enforcing DADT because of its unConstitutionality, has written a shocking letter to the former chiefs of the DEA on Oct 13th.   And why did he write them a letter ?  Because they want the Attorney General to sue California if Proposition 19 passes, which would decriminalize marijuana at the state level.  

Holder just sent them a letter in agreement.  

“We will vigorously enforce the CSA (Controlled Substances Act) against those individuals and organizations that possess, manufacture or distribute marijuana for recreational use, even if such activities are permitted under state law,” Holder wrote.…

Control and tax ? Quit wasting money and resources ? More like Drone and Arrest as usual.

The Department of Justice under Holder has not decreased the number of arrests and prosecutions for marijuana possession compared to the previous Bush administration, in spite of  assurances that medical marijuana users in the state of California would not be targeted.…  Over a quarter million Californians were arrested last year for drug offenses, with 52% of them being for pot, that’s over 115,000 people getting arrested in CA in 2008 just for possession, per statistics from the FBI.  Make no mistake about it, this is a big cash incentive the Feds are waving at the state when they declare your local LE can only get money this way.

Los Angeles County Sheriff Lee Baca, co chair of the “Public Safety No On 19” committee along with Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein,  also said at a news conference that Federal law would over rule state law and therefore any new law would be unenforceable, and that public use of the drug would continue to be targeted, as usual,  whether or not Prop 19 passes.

The “Yes on 19” committee’s former San Jose Police Chief Joseph McNamara issued a response today, saying that:

“Passing Proposition 19 in California will undoubtedly kick start a national conversation about changing our country’s obviously failed marijuana prohibition policies,” he added. “If the federal government wants to keep fighting the nation’s failed ‘war on marijuana’  while we’re in the midst of a sagging economic recovery and two wars, it just proves that the establishment politicians’ priorities are wrongly focused on maintaining the status quo.”

McNamara, now a research fellow in drug policy at Stanford University, has argued that the 60 percent of the cash that supports violent drug cartels comes from the sale of illegal marijuana.…

I’ve written about the Indian Casinos, the beer and wine industry, and the Oil companies backing this continued idiocy. Now let’s talk about the Pharmaceutical companies.

The last time the Obama administration made a drug deal with Big Pharma, er, PhRMA,  before a law was passed was back in March of 2009 when the President met secretly with PhRMA drug lobbyist Billy Tauzin, Pfizer’s Jeff Kindler, AHIP’s Karen Ignani, the Chamber of Commerce’s Tom Donohue and the RW Johnson Foundation’s Risa Lavizzo-Mourey.


Five months later,in August,  Billy Tauzin admitted that the WH had forsworn Medicare drug price bargaining and given up on importing cheaper drugs from Canada or Europe in the deal to get the health care reform bill passed.  By February of 2010, Tauzin took another golden parachute. http://thecaucus.blogs.nytimes…

This time, Baca and Feinstein’s committee “Public Safety First No on 19” is getting money from the following Pharmaceutical Companies, thru CalBusPac (California Business PAC) thru PHARMA IEC PAC, the Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America Independent Expenditure Committee. They know how to time the donations so it’s less obvious.   And please remember these drug companies aren’t all based in America.  So this is from some foreign money sources.

Baca – DiFi No on 19  list of donors, see CalBusPac…

California Business Pac (CalBusPac) scroll down to the 5/7/09 filing to see the donation from PHARMA IEC…

PHARMA IEC pac’s donations for this campaign cycle  – Drug Companies against decriminalization of Marijuana…

Pharma For HomeLand Security Money to Fight Against Legalized Pot List, October 2010

Bristol Myers Squibb  gave Barack Obama $43,385 in 2008…

Abbott Laboratories  spent a million on candidates in 2008, and has given money to Tauzin’s old Phrma Pac,…

Endo Pharmaceuticals

Hoffman La Roche (Switzerland)… Rick C Wade, the Deputy Chief of Staff of the Commerce Dept under Gary Locke, was a senior government affairs advisor for Hoffman La Roche Inc, and also has on his resume state director of S. Carolina Dept of Alcohol and Drug Abuse Services,  besides being a director of Business development at Palmetto GBA/Blue Cross Blue Shield of S. Carolina.  Oh, and the senior advisor to the Presidential transition team.  Hoffman La Roche makes Boniva, an osteoporosis treatment drug (bisphosphonate class ) marketed to post menopausal women which has been causing osteonecrosis of the jaw bone and which double the risk of esophageal cancer.…

Sigma Tau


Amgen……  on track to match the $1.4 million they gave to candidates in the last cycle

Johnson & Johnson  just lost a lawsuit and owes Louisiana $258 million for misleading doctors about the harmful effects of the anti psychotic drug Risperdal…   spent $3.5 million lobbying this year so far…

Eli Lilly – maker of PROZAC anti depressant , spent $3.8 million on lobbying this year with 248 lobbyists, gave $62,782 to Barack Obama in 2008…

Novartis(Switzerland) maker of Ritalin for ADD, and antipsychotic med Clozapine…  another bisphosphonate manufacturer, drug may be linked to broken leg femur bones in the elderly…

Merck, maker of biological immune system suppressants ATNF drugs such as Remicade,  gave money to Blanche “there will be no public option” Lincoln in 2008 and 2010…  Just lost price fixing trial on generics…

Glaxosmithkline – 3rd largest pharma co worldwide, United Kingdom, makers of Paxel, (paroxetine)  the antidepressant which is known for difficult withdrawals……  spent $3.4 million in lobbying in 2010

Glaxosmithkline gave Obama $51,909 in 2008


Pfizer Inc Ranked #1 in World Sales per Wiki, they make statin cholesterol drugs, neurontin, the antidepressant Zoloft,  and VIAGRA, pled guilty in 2009 to fraud, will spend $25 million in lobbying this year…

Obama received $155,183 from Pfizer in 2008…

Perdue Pharma LP of Roseville  don’t know why this is listed as Roseville when Perdue Pharma is in Canada.  Perdue makes Oxycontin, Dilaudid, and codeine contin.…

Prozac. Paxel. Risperdal. Ritalin. Oxycontin ?!

I hope you enjoyed the knowledge that you just gained, that indeed our nation’s Attorney General is willing to leave over 51 million Americans without health insurance, while acting as an enforcer for a price fixing pharmaceutical monopoly – including expensive, addictive, and mood altering drugs –  even narcotics –   and intends to keep people from growing a herbal weed that science and research has shown to be NOT a narcotic and not as addictive as many of the drugs listed above.

More “Change” You Cannot Believe In.  So They Say.

Drug Czars,Nip

image of President and Drug Czar, from the “Nip It In the Bud No On Prop 19” Website


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BP Oil and No on Prop 19, The Smoking Gun…


Saturday morning update:  FDL shows that one of the ex DEA letter writers to AG Holder, Robert Bonner, has a company which made nearly a half million $$ in Federal Homeland Security “consulting” Contracts concerning the US/ Mexico border.  And he’s been appointed co chair to the Southwest Border Task Force by Janet Napolitano.  


Nice work if you can get it.  


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  1. … beer, wine, and Casino interests.

    Here’s your money trail.  Back to Switzerland, UK, Canada.

    And your talking point for the week.  Maker of oxycontin donated to No on Prop 19.

    Legalized mob enforcement.  Declare something illegal, and then control the access to the cheaper and less harmful competition.  Use the state recreation areas and national forests as bait.  Cut off funding for state parks while sending in the helicopters and the narco squads.  Coerce local governments to cooperate or lose funding.  Use Casino money from legalized gambling and liquor sales, too.

    What a bunch of ******.  

  2. …. Homeland Security private Contractor who makes money off the “official” border wars.


    I guess he would feel threatened if there wasn’t anything to smuggle anymore.

    Bonner’s written against Prop 19 in the Wall Street Journal.

    Here’s online letters to the editor responses:

    note how this writer wants Holder to threaten to sue to depress potential Democratic vote turnout-  just as I thought.

    Odd he’s ignoring the entire racial profiling aspect, as African American males are the ones much more likely to actually end up arrested and in jail on pot possession.   Yet the Feds intervened in AZ’s “papers please” state deportation law on that argument.

    I am pleased to see that nine former DEA administrators point out California’s legalization of marijuana would violate U.S. treaty obligations with other countries and runs counter to President Obama’s antilegalization policy. The authors are pushing to get the Obama administration to speak out against California’s medical marijuana legalization initiative, but I’m not holding my breath that any such thing will happen. Marijuana advocates are planning on a big turnout of “yes” voters, but if the administration makes it clear that it will sue, if the initiative passes, on the basis of federal supremacy as it did in Arizona, and will enforce federal marijuana law in California, many potential Democratic Party voters will not bother to vote.

    Harvey Swenson

    Sacramento, Calif.

    Simple google shows a California Board of Pharmacy listing for one Harvey. K. Swenson who graduated from the Univ of Utah and worked for private and government pharmacies….  it figures.

    Here’s another anti pro 19 letter to the editor from Harvey Swenson, on 9/26/10 to the SacBee  (the crapbee link will probably not be permanent, so here’s the letter)

    Tennis writer is overmatched

    Re “Should Californians approve Prop. 19? (Forum, Sept. 19): I’m befuddled by The Bee’s choice of a lightweight, Blair DiSesa Henley, a tennis writer, to argue against Proposition 19. Not only does she present an excessively narrow argument based on the Dutch problems with semilegal marijuana, she airily tosses aside the “spewing hypothetical projections” of Proposition 19 foes, and ignores the supremely optimistic hypothetical projections of Proposition 19 advocates.

    Surely you could have found someone capable of presenting a broader and more cogent argument. In fact, The Bee’s anti-19 editorial does just that.

    I hope those good-hearted folks who were conned into supporting the deliberately deceptive medical marijuana initiative will wake up and realize that Proposition 19 would create chaos – probably by design.

    – Harvey Swenson, Sacramento

    The SacBee editorial is written in the same mode as the idiots from the DNC/OFA who were writing they were “for” health care reform, but just not for a public option.  They don’t like the way it’s written, but they’d like to see it maybe decriminalized someday in the future,  since 400,000 Californians a day use marijuana.  Oh, and they don’t like that it doesn’t have a specific tax rate written into it.  Social costs would outweigh tax revenue.

    Fuzzy logic, anyone ?

    This is the same CrapBee that just endorsed greasy Republican Dan “Koch Oil” Lungren for CA 03, against a well known local physician,  and I can’t wait to see what sort of pretzel logic contortions they’ll come up with to endorse the useless neocon Repub McClintock of CA 04 who lives in Lungren’s district-  if they have the nerve.  McClintock, who’s voted for NOTHING except continuing the Homeland Security authoritarian bureaucracy he pretends to rail against,  is another one of those faux- Libertarians who decided to flip flop on this issue, as soon as the possibility of reality off legalization came up.

    Ah, $$ graft.  

  3. Lobbying the Executive Branch on behalf of the Supremacy Clause before Californians even express their views on the issue. What a way to suppress discussion on important cultural and political issues. A very dangerous threat to free speech, and another step toward corporate totalitarianism.

  4. the Democrat’s are losing any ‘likely voters’ at a pace that’s accelerating the closer it comes to the election.   This administration is counting on the Republican nutso’s taking away the majority they hold so that they can get on with their real work without have to come up with such convoluted and illogical excuses for serving the owners of the place. However they may still be stuck with the difficult role of playing powerless as the majority because the Republicans have over played their hand and their puppet candidates are too crazy for even most righties. Maybe they are so skilled at their game that they can lose enough to still look helpless yet retain power. Anyway this plays out it’s just theater and they will continue to pull bogus laws and rules out of their asses along with totally illogical and transparent arguments both political and  legal. My biggest hope is that anarchy ensues and we all stand up and ignore them.                    

  5. same as the old boss.

    ::::puts on guitar and plays::::

  6. the War on Terror. Huge sums of money to be made by the politically well-connected in both endeavors.

  7. I will vote for prop 19…..

    and for green candidates…..

    the dems can go to hell….

    • Xanthe on October 18, 2010 at 01:13

    diary because I had such a nice day – beautiful outside and I cleaned up the garden – took dogs for long walk – made a cup of tea – oh what the heck I’ll read it.

    And, of course, my blood pressure rises as usual – Big Pharma go pharma yourselves.  You’re pretty good at it – you’ve been doing it to Americans for years.

  8. Need I say more about the 10th amendment?

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