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    • Eddie C on October 8, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    • Xanthe on October 9, 2010 at 1:05 am

    conversations re Mayor Bloomberg’s ban on soft drinks linked to food stamps.  It seemed rather black and white to me (I approve) until I started reading the comments in say, Corrente.  Really, there is so much I hadn’t considered in our food intakes – the political aspects such as subsidies etc.  It’s much more complicated than my initial thinking but I believe I come down on this being the right thing to do.

    One of my favorite bloggers, Anglachel, gives a thumbs down with her usual sharp commentary – it just sets me thinking more about food – how it politicized it is, how it is a class cudgel, how many circumstances must be taken into account when talking about preparation of food and the differences between the poor and the middle/middle – upper middle.  

    I never thought much about food when I was young which means that my mother did a good job.  She didn’t work, so my guess is she spent a lot of time shopping at various places and the preparation thereof.  I remember waiting in line with the ration books at the produce store – then there was a cheese/bread shop – then a small grocer shop.  This was before the chains – though I think the food coming down to us was in better shape than it is now and the additives weren’t a problem.  There were none!

    Anyway, the dialogue on Corrente is thought-provoking and sometimes aggressive.

    Much more than meets the eye – or the stomach.  STill I think it is a good thing.  We’re not keeping peopel from buying soda after all.  They are free to do so.  

    Who knew the opinions vary so dramatically.  

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