Bank Foreclosures: If The Banks Want’em, Tell’em To Come And Get’em From Us

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Senior Democratic lawmakers are calling for federal authorities to investigate tens of thousands of home foreclosures in the US following reports that leading lenders failed to follow proper procedures.

Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House, joined other Democratic representatives from California in urging the Justice Department, the Federal Reserve, and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency to examine “possible violations of law or regulations by financial institutions” in connection with delinquent mortgages.…

You know the drill already.

They’ll demand a probe, investigate, say they’re going to do something about it, and then in the end the industry will get a payout while you’ll still owe.

And you’ll put up with it, because you’re all fucking pathetic.

They’ve fucked you more times than you can count, pulled so many “wtf?!” legislative moves after promising to keep you safe, all the while getting paid by the same industries that fuck you….oh and they pay the other side about the same amount so yeah, there’s that.

And what are you gonna do about it?



Fuck if I know.

I say lock up, stock up, and call on me anytime if you need help:


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  1. and i’ll ignore them.

    I figure that’ll be ok since you’re used to having your pleas ignored anyway :-/

  2. A year and a half ago I filed suit in my own name in Memphis, to have my lien on my house declared null and void.

    If successful I will still owe the money, but if I fail to pay (I am still paying and not in default), at least they won’t be able to take my house away without first getting a judgment on the note.  That may well be impossible for my lender if my note is lost.

    The case is quite simple in theory.  A lien is supposed to be for the benefit of a debtor you owe, not for a strawman that you do not owe.  Nearly all of the liens in the last six or eight years are for the benefit of an entity called MERS, an entity that never lends anybody any money at all.  So you can do as I did and file a suit to remove the cloud on your title created by MERS.  MERS is the entity that initiates most forclosures in this country.

    The simple fact is that the courts need to be flooded with cases.  If everybody files some kind of action, foreclosures will stop because there are not enough lawyers and judges to handle this kind of load.

    Nearly every mortgage in the last ten years is defective.  Many mortgages, like mine, have liens by entities that are owed no money.  In my case I don’t owe a dime to the lienholders who are clouding my title.

    I have sent my complaint and my brief to hundreds of people across the country.

    If anyone on this board wants a copy of them, email me at [email protected].  If there is a way to put them on this board, I will be glad to do it here if someone will show me how.

    I get calls every week from people who have found my lawsuit or heard about it on the net.  It went viral about a year ago.

    I have been a lawyer for 32 years.  I am very confident that ultimately the courts are going to have to give me the relief I ask for.  Anyone can do what I am doing by themselves, especially with a little bit of help in procedure and evidence from an attorney.

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