MSM Ratings Drop! Legal Blindness

Legally Blind in Marxachusetts.

OK your doctor is required by law to report you to the state.  The state then checks to see if you still have a driver’s license.

You then get a pamphlet outlining some of the legal benefits to being declared legally blind including an auto excise tax exemption and a disabled parking placard/plate.  Here in Marxachusetts if you don’t have a drivers license they will not insure the car. Somebody else (me) has to drive Ma around and it has to be in a car I own and insure negating any prospects of my non-disabled ass from getting a handicapped plate.

Some years ago I got rid of my Wells Fargo mortgage because they consistently insisted my homeowners policy had expired and they would gladly insure me at triple the going rate.  It is happening yet again with this new government HAMP program.…

DARPA develops helmet of obedience


New backscatter X-ray vans in your neighborhood?…

EPA is blocking the labeling of GMO frankenfoods.…

G Edward Griffin puts out new chemtrail video.…

Yet another global warming fraud story.


A direct quote from a short piece about the impending October Surprise.

You know there will have to be one.  Some event, most likely a falseflag of some sort, that will cause immediate and unified pity on the poor persecuted democrats.  Mega-puke.

Note – to those secret-service agents reading this: I am in no way suggesting violence toward the US president and in no way intend to threaten or harm him at all – so don’t come knocking on my door for what I’m about to say, because I’m just repeating what someone else said to me.  Someone I was chatting with the other day said to me that a likely scenario could be Slick Barry’s getting assassinated, therefore martyring himself for the party, and oh wouldn’t that cause such a pity bandwagon to start so that the dems would be able to hold on oh-so-well on Nov 2.  Again – I am NOT suggesting anyone go out and harm the guy, and I certainly have no intent on even thinking about it – in my opinion he is doing enough harm to himself without anyone else’s help – again just repeating what someone else shared with me in the form of an opinion.

Me personally I think that’s a stretch, and in my humble opinion a more likely scenario involves another false flag “al-qaeda” attack – either a nuke to go off or another series of explosions in a mass transit system, another “shock and awe” tactic to bring everyone quickly to rally behind a lame duck president and an even lamer congress.  Whatever happens, rest assured the media will lie to you about it.

We were given a reprieve from heavy low-altitude chemtrail activity and today only a few high-altitude sprayers could be seen laying chemtrails that ultimately disappeared unlike the others all week.  All in all we had relatively clear skies for today’s Blue Angels performance.  Later in the day i did notice some low chem-cloud remnants coming onshore and again the familiar groundhugging dry mist.  It appears they’ve been hitting it hard and heavy during the nighttime.

Last up is an insight into why I am such an asshole sometimes.  In recalling the funeral of my cousin who was 6 foot 1.  How did my cheap uncle get him into a 4 foot child’s coffin.  Is my socio-Mom going to warehouse Dad in a nursing home after he did his dilligence and took care of her mental issues for the past 55 years?  Will I/can I once again save Dad from the home in this fucked up medical gestapo enviornment of today?  Will “they” consider my input allowing Dad to return home and back into the program which is less expensive and far more benevolent than the non-English speaking warehouse nursing home.  Ma, being the socio sociopath she is craves her new boyfriend/elder set money cruiser because Dad is no longer a great conversationalist.


  1. I’ve yet to touch on each link you provided, but I want to make a comment about the new “chemtrails” information and video (which I will try to get a chance to see in its entirety).  

    Quite interesting, in a sense, was something I remarked over the past couple of months or so (note: I have COPD). During the hurricane to the Gulf of Mexico, in late July or August, I believe it was, here, in the Midwest, during that period, in addition to the high humidity and heavy rains, the air was so putrid as to be unbelievable and breathing was so difficult.  One could only assume that the vapors of oil and dispersants co-mingled, had traveled via humidity and wafted further and further into our air but I noted, too, during that period, there seemed NOT to have been any chemtrails. Then, when it became less humid and rainy, for the first time in a long time, I saw blue skies that remained so throughout the day — for several weeks or more afterwards.  It was amazing!  I don’t know how it was for the rest of the country during that time frame.  Then, about a week and a half ago, it all started up again, the chemtrails, that is.  If you were up around 8:00 a.m., you would see a beautiful blue sky being “criss-crossed” by these trails of “ill repute.”  Since then, one of my two cats, who has asthma, has had numerous asthma attacks and my breathing difficulties have worsened each day, since the re-commencement of the chemtrails’ usage.  THIS has been mine and a number of others’ experiences over the past two to three months now.

    BTW, on the subject of the Gulf, BP and the dispersants (which are still being used to this very date in the Gulf).  Everything’s ALL better now and there are much, much safer standards set, so it’s O.K. to go back to deepwater drilling now, according to Salazar, on this very date.  WE CAN’T LEARN — WE CAN’T LEARN  — we are totally dysfunctional (IMHO)!

    Apropos “October Surprise” — No doubt there’ll be one — but this article is really a stretch,” IMHO.  Global warming!  And doubts?  

    I cannot even bring myself to point out that 2nd paragraph in quotes.  Bunch of “sickoids” in this world.

    Obama was not the CREATOR of our circumstances — his guilt lies in continuing them.

    The last part of the quoted paragraph is interesting and something, I pointed out before even reading it!  

    Honestly speaking, LH, I don’t know how you manage to “investigate” with the load you have on your plate, and, one, so representative of so many of us this day!  Loss of job, change of total circumstances, aging parents, with “maniacal” behavior plus . . . . . !

    Bon courage, LH!    

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