A Marxist Job Interview

I found today’s job interview process both Marxist and Nazified by my American standards.  Consider that I mean I have not gone through this processing in the last 22 years, which made the changes that much more noticable.  The final weeks of my 99er status unemployment checks are ending so while it was a blessing some temp agency responded this screening process itself and the reasons for the creation of such infrastructure point toward corporate fascism.  Now I know and realize there might be legitimate reasons companies want to screen applicants for suitability but this means maintaining a productivity level without pesky investments in say training, benefits, job safety.  Kind of like having your cake and eating it too.

The screening processt though reflects upon the Charolette Iserbyte society.

First up was the reading comprehension test.  A few paragraphs describing a company procedure followed by a true false test.  No problems there.  Next was a simple math test, addition subtraction, reading a ruler, time card math and division.  Again no problems there.  Then a eye test.  Ok, what this does mean is that a secretary level employee can use a machine by which to measure eyesight which in many industries might prevent someone from entry to a particular job.  My particular one is abnormal color vision.  One doctor finally gave me a red glass to hold over one eye so I could see the numbers in the colored circles.

After that it was an industrial safety video.  Here I was able to pick out a safety violation and called the video “outdated”.

Next was the actual interview complete with that pain of trying to describe 22 years of diverse R&D scientifically oriented stuff to a mere HR guy.  For me that means the elegant egalitarianism of fact based science against a people oppression type of science, HR.  True you want qualified people with an expertise to do a specific job but I will point out that today’s barriers towards obtaining a job are higher than my frame of reference 22 years ago.

IE, career change at age 55 sucks big time and those paths which I took years ago do not exist today.  Less ladders of upward mobility mean less opportunity, more like a Soviet system of poorly matching people to less meaningful jobs.

Anyway 22 years ago I was never asked to show 2 forms of ID.  I was not asked by the department of Homeboy Stupidity to swear under oath about my citizen status nor was I contemplating pissing in a cup to prove my worthyness for indentured service.  Hey, it is what it is, truthfully, non-politically correctly and most of all ungreen.  Money should be obsolete.  The 86 cent a hour textile or electronics workers don’t have OSHA right to know laws, safety machine guards and you can quite surely dump the gallium arsenide residue out the back door of the carbon exempt Chinese factory while some billionare globalist CEO rakes in 1.2 billion or so.


  1. So why all the abscence of “feelings” over this.

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