WHAT storm?

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wheeeeeeee…. !


That speech last night gave me flashbacks.

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Now …. get out there and VOTE!!! Everything’s gonna be just fine doncha know.



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  1. Who are these “invaders” she speaks of?


    Nora Hamaid, 30, a graduate from Baghdad University, has now given up the career she dreamt of. “I completed my studies before the invaders arrived because there was good security and I could freely go to university,” Hamaid tells IPS. Now she says she cannot even move around freely, and worries for her children every day. “I mean every day, from when they depart to when they return from school, for fear of abductions.”

  2. http://digbysblog.blogspot.com

    The Speech

    by digby

    The troops were awesome, America is awesome, we saved Iraq, we’re saving Afghanistan, now everybody needs to turn the page on all those unpleasant differences we had over the wars and work together like awesome soldiers to fix the economy. Oh, and the troops are really awesome.

    Did that cover it?

  3. …even though, with the creation of the EPA and OSHA, he might have been associated with a more progressive agenda than Obama will end up being credited with.

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