Twas the Night Before 911

And all through my house

The creatures are stirring, even the mice

Banners and DVDs adorned the mantle with care

In hopes that Rudowski soon would be there

The children were safe

Without their flu shots

While the doctor insisted

They ought to be bots

Mama in her kerchief and I in my tin hat

Settled our minds for tomorrow’s sheeplecrap

Twas a fake mosque debate

To make you be PC

And worship Big Al at the carbon scam tree

The numbered Al-CIA-duh guys you see

Died three times for you and for me

Corbettreport is the place you should see

When out on the brown lawn there arose such a clatter

I sprang from my bed to see what was the matter

Was it the SWAT team, are they on their way

With tazers and helmuts to take us away

On Estulin On Tarpley On Jones and Rudowski

On Griffin On Bowman On Kerry and  Ryan

To the top of the net in spite of their wall!

Now Dash Away, Dash Away, Dash away all!  

Daniel Estulin-Spoke before the EU on the dangerous influence of Bilderberg.…

Webster Tarpley-perhaps labeled are “right” leaning but a premier truther

Alex Jones of well known infamy.  Featured in Superclass as a “conspiracy nut”

Luke Rudowski of wearechange fame.

David Griffin- note his newly programmed Google downgrading and obfuscation…

Robert Bowman-yeah 911 truth for ex very high placed government people

Kerry Cassidy and Bill Ryan of projectcamelot

Note here how Google instantly displays

“project camelot HOAX”

Funny, I don’t see that line when searching for “Fox” news!…

Last Summer before Armageddon!  Did you enjoy it!


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