No matter where you stand on 3rd parties, listen as I interview a Green Party veteran tonight

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Whether you’re interested in being part of a third party or skeptical of them as a strategy, you’ll be interested to hear me interview Phil Huckelberry tonight. He is the co-chair of both the Illinois Greens and the national Green Party.

Listen here at 8:30 PM EST tonight:…

Under his leadership, the Greens gained 10.3% of the gubernatorial vote in 2006, and they hope to do the same or better this year. Phil has also run for office as a Green and been in a national leadership role for years. This year in Illinois, the Green candidate for Senate is the only African American in the race and has polled as high as 14% with the entire public and 30% with African Americans. Their gubernatorial candidate has polled as high as 11%, although he has seen a recent slump in the polls. They also have other strong candidates, like candidate for state rep Jeremy Karpen, who outraised the incumbent Democrat at one point during the race and got 21% against her last time he ran…this time he is much better-organized, though.

I’m a Green Party member (at least nominally, if not legally), but I don’t plan on asking softball questions. Please leave any questions you have in the comments or call in at 646-200-0264.


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    • rossl on September 28, 2010 at 04:23

    if you didn’t get to listen live.

  1. Amazing what a bump from pirates will get ya these days 😛

    • RUKind on September 29, 2010 at 06:56

    I can no longer find substantial differences between Republican actions and Dem actions. their talk may conflict but they all walk the same old bullshit walk.

    Fuck them.

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