Lasthorseman’s List of Dead Suburban Stuff

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Local Drum and Bugle Corps organizations

Amateur radio operators

Ice Cream Trucks

Drive in movie theaters

A well rounded public education complete with extra-curricular activities

Full service gas stations with tire inflating air machines for free

The American dream of suburban homeownership

The 30 year marriage anniversary

Neighbors who mind their own business

Drivers who don’t give you the bird

Cashiers at stores

Calling a company and getting to talk to a real live person

Family traditions

Bank tellers being bank tellers and not Customer Service Representatives

Police with simple six shot revolvers

The town square and hardware store

The Joke shop

The town hospital

The several local farms

The tractor/farm impliment supply dealer

Riding bicycles without helmuts

Flattening nails and pennies on the train tracks

Church attendance-any religion

Santa Claus parades

Muscle cars

Custom vans

The CB radio

The Fuller Brush Man and Electrolux salesmen

ABC,CBS or NBC yup, only three to choose from

Dad’s being able to work for the same company all their lives

Mom’s being able to stay home

Home delivered milk

The doctor making a house call

Ah, yes those long forgotten times of old.  Yes I did do total lamestream media avoidance yesterday, nine years after 911 and I am still currently involved in the deconstruction of my former suburban life.

Well look here.  Here it is in black and white.  No matter that I spent 28 years providing below market rents.…

Here is another guy who can really tell it like it is.…


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  1. That sounds like, feels like, the Americana we once knew!

    I hope you are O.K.  

    Hugs, Tahoebasha!  All I can give and wish for — for you and so, so many, LH!

    So many of us are basically just scraping by, but you know, the oligarchy is far more important, n’est que c’est pas?

  2. science fiction stuff. And that hard yellow, sticky candy bar that would lock your jaw shut. I think I still have some of that stuff in my teeth, what’s left of them.

    Best to you LH—Sending you good vibes—-

    • ARGeezer on September 13, 2010 at 8:34 pm

    I count sixteen or seventeen of your items that still more or less apply in my community. We are just big enough to have the regional medical center and be the county seat and lots of the farms and ranches are for “gentelman farmers”, but there are also lots of real operations. We have a town square, but it has no hardware store. It does have an excellent health food and vitamin store, a jewler and clothier and three restaurants though. The newer chain outlets are on the north side of town and include Home Depot, Lowes, Staples, Pet Smart and, of course, a super-WalMart, but we also have other chain grocers including the up-scale Harps, an ESOP, possibly more banks than churches.

    It is a retirement and vacation destination and, of course, the distinction between churches and banks is a bit arbitrary, as Mammon is our true God. Need someplace for worshipers to stash their loot while going to church.  

  3. in America…

    • Xanthe on September 15, 2010 at 12:38 am

    I used to ride my bike and skate (those old key skates) without a helmet – I loved the feel of the wind in my hair —

    Gosh the kids today with knee pads and helmets look like they’re going to quell a riot.

    I loved the wind.

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