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I’ve been thinking about that insanity definition. This has not been the first time the White House has taken the left out behind the woodshed. Repeating the same mistakes and expecting different results in a common action found in many places but there is one group that most often comes to mind.

The underlying message from a president that once said “Make me do the right thing” has become “Leave me alone.” The classic case of a person calling for isolation from loved ones is a very common form of denial. “Don’t tell me what to do. I’m doing fine. Go take a look at your own shit” is what is often heard by family members of sick and suffering addicts.  

To the casual observer it would seem like this man is trying hard to get into “Presidents Anonymous” but the sad fact is that there is no 12 Step Program for president’s in a nation where all elected officials are prowling the back alleys of K Street and mainlining enormous amounts of special interest cash. Sadly there isn’t even an Al-Anon for progressives so we don’t have a clear definition on how to address this.  

According to the Hazelden Institute the method of breaking this denial is to gather the entire family around the afflicted to break through the cloud of denial. For a brief instant it seemed that Velma Hart might have broken through. But in this case of addiction it was she who was isolated pleading with a president who is insulated and surrounded by enablers. Enablers that convinced Obama the correct form of action would be to lash out at people like Velma Hart.

These enablers warn the president that if he listens to the people he will be forced back onto the streets to find his drug of choice. Incumbents just don’t do that sort of thing. They have graduated to having huge stockpiles of the drug delivered on sliver platters and don’t want to go back out there for nickle and dime bags from common street dealers.

Addiction will force people to do many strange things and when a president received $750 million in the most expensive popularity contest of all time he needs to seek ways of besting that number after becoming unpopular. Surrounded by former Goldman Sachs employees who warn that standing up to republicans will slow down the easy fix, medical industry lobbyist who can get the best drugs and military strength powerful enough to attack the Social Security trust fund the choice is simple. Like all addicts Obama chooses the path of least resistance, the easy money.  

Even the common street dealers have become enablers. We fall back on thin excuses like “he is obsessed with bipartisanship” when it is so obvious that nobody is that dumb. An addict will take many insults as long as it insures the oblivion of the next fix.

As the Big Book of AA warns, this is not a question of morals but an insidious disease that is “cunning, baffling and powerful.” The people must help Obama find his “bottom” but with the rock star insulation this man gets and the money he has already received almost nobody can even seem to remember that banning special interest cash, that most powerful and addictive drug, was once a Democratic platform.

As hopeless as it seems with no chance for a “public option,”  we must share our “experience, strength, and hope in order to solve our common problem,” campaign finance. But with this insulation from reality, all that is left is what Al-Anon has been telling suffering family members for the past 59 years. Once compassion fails the only answer left is detachment.  



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    • Eddie C on September 30, 2010 at 7:54 pm

    and I’m a grateful recovering Demoholic.

    • Eddie C on September 30, 2010 at 8:44 pm

    • Eddie C on September 30, 2010 at 9:26 pm

    Well it is not working out so well considering campaign contributions from progressives, Democrats Find Many Big Donors Cutting Support.

    Many wealthy Democratic patrons, who in the past have played major roles financing outside groups to help elect the party’s candidates, are largely sitting out these crucial midterm elections.

    Democratic donors like George Soros, the bête noire of the right, and his fellow billionaire Peter B. Lewis, who each gave more than $20 million to Democratic-oriented groups in the 2004 election, appear to be holding back so far, The New York Times’s Michael Luo and Jeff Zeleny write.

    “Mr. Soros believes that he can be most effective by funding groups that promote progressive policy outcomes in areas such as health care, the environment and foreign policy,” said an adviser, Michael Vachon. “So he has opted to fund those activities.”

    Why throw good money after bad. Leave that to the people addicted to brand Obama as the smart money looks for real solutions.  

    Now the Dems will need to raise money from the people they are servicing and that will be more decent into business special interest.  

  1. months. Then he appeared confused and a bit lost. I thought he was not very competent and surprisingly disingenuous. Some people thought he was a genius solitaire player, a rubic’s cube guru.

    Now I consider him amoral, detached and myopic, suffering from a type of mental illness that forces him to respond only to the figures, objects and illusions that immediately surround him. He is tone deaf to the public, the Left and to those whose suffering is outside of his personal world.

    In fact, he now appears cold, calculating and

    as phony as an eleven dollar bill. Through every window he looks, he sees a mirror. He doesn’t know that there is ANYTHING on the other side. He, like Bush, has become very dangerous, except he can bullshit a hell of a lot better.

    Somebody needs to tell him that bullshit is not a measure of intelligence, and pretty soon it turns someone into a fool. He’s arrived. What’s he gonna do without his cool pal Rahm?

    Who’s he gonna fist bump in the White House?

  2. Power, for some people, is the most addictive of all. Money is just a way to get and maintain it. As long as pols (D or R doesn’t matter at this point) are content to play in the minor leagues of power, street dealers can meet their need for quantity. Once they hit the mainline, the chance for spontaneous recovery is almost nil, largely because they are surrounded by enablers who are themselves heavily invested in keeping the pipeline open to supply their own addiction.

    I think one of the reasons many of us are so disappointed in Obama is because we felt him to be morally superior to his opponent. Somehow we deluded ourselves into thinking that meant he was a morally superior human being, and now we have found out that is not true. What we forgot is that it is all relative. The bar was set so low that he needed to do to look morally superior was to stand next to John McCain and Sarah Palin while pointing at shrub and Darth Cheney. Given that choice, a pit viper would have looked morally superior.

    Now we see the real ethical stature of the man, we are disappointed. But we have to forgo the pleasure of blaming Obama for our mistake, just like we can’t blame the drug addict when we give them money because they ask for it. We chose to believe him and give him our time and money even though many of us old cynics had, in the backs of our mind, that nagging suspicion that it was too good to be true.

    We chose to believe because not believing in anything is very, very painful. Even the most cynical of us still wants to find the “good” politician. Is it Feingold? Is it Bernie? Is it Grayson? No, sadly, they are all just humans — just like Obama. And even on my worst day of disappointment with him, I know Obama is still better than the alternative we faced in 2008. He may be greedy, power hungry, even amoral, but he isn’t mentally unstable — so we are still better off than with McCain/Palin.

    Does that make me happy? Hell, no. Will I vote for him again? If Holder and Napolitano remain in place, it is extremely unlikely. Unless I am faced with something like Palin/Boehner or McConnell/McDonnell (honestly, can you think of scarier ticket that doesn’t include Coburn or Inhofe?).  

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