Interpreting the Pledge to Americorp

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On Jobs:

Wherein they seek to convince people that returning to the Bush Policies that took their jobs and created the Economic Collapse is good for them…

– Stop job-killing tax hikes

C’mon America!!! You know that all those Bush tax cuts for the rich created jobs… in the 3rd world countries they sent them to.


– Allow small businesses to take a tax deduction equal to 20 percent of their income.

You mean like these “small businesses? Keith Olbermann was kind enough to list a few for us.

   * Enterprise Products Partners, L.P., a pipeline company with 2009 revenues of $25 billion.

   * Kohlberg Kravis Roberts & Co., a Wall Street firm with $445 million in revenue in 2009.

   * Price Waterhouse Coopers, an accounting firm with $26 billion in revenue in 2009.

   * Koch Industries, a conglomerate of partnerships with 70,000 employees.

   * The Hillman Company, an investment founded by billionaire philanthropist/industrialist Henry Hillman.

   * Venn Strategies, Inc., whose chief operating officer is Brian Reardon, a former special assistant to former President George W. Bush.

   * Ferrellgas, a propane and propane accessories business, with $2 billion in revenues in 2009 and 1 million customers.

   * CoorsTek, a ceramics manufacturer founded by Adolph Coors, with 2009 revenue of $549 million.

   * Dead River Co., with $500 million in revenue and 1,200 employees.

   * McIlhenney Co., the Tabasco maker, with $250 million in revenue in 2007.

– Require congressional approval for any new federal regulation that would add to the deficit

This from the Party of Pork and Bridges to Nowhere? If the MULTI-BILLIONAIRE COMPANIES PAID TAXES THERE WOULD BE NO DEFICIT.

– Repeal small business mandates in the new health care law.

Mandates? You mean the option of having the TAX BREAKS you so desire for offering a Health Care Plan? WTF? You want tax breaks for Businesses – but don’t ask them for any actual WORKER benefits in return. Again: See the definitions of “small business above. Or better yet, watch the Olbermann video.

Conclusion about the Job Promise?

They are trying to convince people that it is small Mom & Pop’s suffering, when they only thing they suffer from is Megacorp competition and their edge of outsourcing. They want to cut taxes for the rich, with no redress for our floundering National Debt. There is no provision AT ALL for any kind of JOB GUARANTEE or creation – no, in fact, they want to institute the lack of regulation that created the Economic Crash and sent your Job Overseas.

That’s Pledge One to Americorps – We can trick the masses into supporting your Oligarchy.

Cutting Spending:

Wherein they seek to convince us cutting every plan that benefits “We the People” as unnecessary “entitlements” while entitling the Military Industrial Complex, The Insurance Companies and Big Business no competition from any Government intervention or Programs.

– Repeal and Replace health care

Yeah, because they have managed to hype a small minority of paranoid tea baggers to make it appear that 75% of us really prefer dying over doctors.

– Roll back non-discretionary spending to 2008 levels before TARP and stimulus (will save $100 billion in first year alone)

Like when Bush tripled the National Debt and gave the 1st two Bank Bailouts? Back to THEN?  But still non-discretionary spending is the spending mandated by Law: Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security… thats what they want to freeze. Of course, the addendum to that is they want no such cap on Military spending… that’s discretionary. Discretionary spending (which Obama froze foe 3 years)  is where the pork is: Highway projects, things they can add to a budget to pad their wealth.

But golly, it sounded good for a moment didn’t it? Republicans are coming for your Medicare & SS!!!

– Establish strict budget caps to limit federal spending going forward

Because there is nothing, in their minds that Governments do non-profit for the people that couldn’t turn a nice profit in the hands of the Private Sector… where they would like to place EVERYTHING.

– Cancel all future TARP payments and reform Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac

You mean the program signed into law by U.S. President George W. Bush on October 3, 2008? The Big Bank Bailout? Well golly, that’s shutting the barn door after the horse is long gone isn’t it?

And Fannie/Freddie? God forbid there should be programs set up to help the poor get housing. Let them eat their tent tarps.

Translation: Our boy already took your money, and now we are going to make a show of saying No More after its all gone.

Reforming Congress:

Wherein they try and convince us they are transparent; they of closed door everything. Then with a stacked SCOTUS, they get to decide what IS or IS NOT constitutional.

– Will require that every bill have a citation of constitutional authority

Well, hell health-care legislation would never passbecause they couldn’t find permission to do so in the Constitution. In other words, no NEW laws could ever be passed. But I am sure they would find a loophole to pass legislation they want. Tricky fucking stuff.

– Give members at least 3 days to read bills before a vote

This is nothing new… the Democrats almost always already do this… although members of both parties, let alone the people ever read the bazillion page confusifucks they call legislation.


Wherein they remind us we will all die if we don’t let them be hawks.

– Provide resources to troops

This from the party that gave them inadequate armor for the desert and refuses them PTSD treatment? Ohhh… resources = private contractors to charge the Government unlimited amounts of money to provide rock music on tanks and day care target practice.

– Fund missile defense

Talk about unnecessary spending? We are still trying to implement Ronnie Ray-guns star wars system that CANNOT work, against a world in which not one enemy can deliver missiles to our soil without instant annihilation?

– Enforce sanctions in Iran

There’s oil in them there hills! How many false WOMD stories will we buy? But golly, Americans LOVE to HATE a good enemy. So we create them.



We Pledge to Americorps that we will continue to serve their interests and theirs alone, insuring that the Rich become Richer, the Poor will continue to blame any help they get, and you can function without intervention. We Pledge to shrink and replace the Existing Government, with a small, easily manipulated Board of Stockholders who will do your bidding.

We will continue to make this the Land of Milk and Honey for Real America – The Americorp and its Owners.

And we will make your slaves LOVE US for it.



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  1. isn’t port technological feudalism grand……

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