Chutes Not Ladders

Yes, my job was outsourced to Mexico via China.  I attempted to prolong my value to the company by trying to diamond machine prototype innovative energy saving ceramic parts using a cheap Chinese imported lathe which of course was permanently off center.  Anyway.

I looking back searching for some lower position of relative importance, ie, a job I was excellent at having 22 years behind me doing what I did there are corporate obstacles in the way.  Most of these “obsolete” jobs are either contract short term when they formerly were core paths to advancement from within.  Contract works pays benefits not.  The “agencies” doing the contract hiring speak English as a second language and might be located ten states away on top of the secret resume parsing/data mining auto-reject features based upon my age/my name on the AE911 truth petition/a minor traffic accident last year and or my avoidance of the medical surveillance system.

I don’t have the heart nor the stomach for scamming people via the mis-using the internet, I make stuff, build stuff.  I am innovative, go beyond the mundane requirements of going through the motions and can recognize the atomic emission spectra of many contaminating species in five nines semi-conductor grade argon.  I am not ugly.  I don’t smell bad and I would actually show up on a regular basis.  My real unmarketability I guess lies in the years of experience I do have and that dangerous potential to pass that wisdom on to co-workers.  That former work ethic, that path towards innovative and not compliance type thinking, that Edward Tufte why Microshit sucks type of stuff.…


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