The 99ers — ARE simply ‘Americans who Want to Work’

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The ’99ers’ Share Their Stories

Paul Solman, PBS, MAKING SEN$E — August 6, 2010

I’m a 49 year old single mother of a 15 year old. I was laid off in September of 2008 and my unemployment ended in April of 2010. The way New Jersey calculates your base year made me ineligible for more than 79 weeks.

I apply to just about 50 jobs per week and I went to school and got some medical certifications that are just about useless. Everyone I speak with says “your certifications are great, but we’re really looking for some experience.”

I have been unable to pay my rent since June and expect to be evicted shortly. I have no one in a position to help, and can’t even imagine what it’s going to be like, telling my daughter that we have no home. […] Although I can’t consider suicide, I understand where these people are at!

That was just one of the personal stories out of the MILLIONS of fellow out-of-work Americans,

also known as the 99er’s

What is a 99er?

They are our fellow out-of-work Americans, who somehow —

KEEP FALLING through the Cracks — of our Broken Economy

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Last month, Congress extended federal unemployment benefits for people who had been out of work up to 99 weeks. But for the millions of Americans who have been jobless longer than that — the “99ers” — there will be no more checks coming.

More of our fellow out-of-work Americans, Share Their Stories … There but for the grace of … [the-powers-that-be] … Go I

Unemployment extension won’t help ’99ers’

WWMT – NEWSCHANNEL 3 — July 22, 2010

Newschannel 3 spoke to a 99er in Battle Creek on Thursday. He’s 62, but doesn’t want to retire, however a combination of bad luck and a down economy has left Doug Deaton feeling like he has nowhere to go.

Deaton’s often at his computer before the sun rises, searching for jobs and submitted resumes. Deaton has exhausted his 99 weeks of unemployment benefits, but he hasn’t given up.

I’ve applied everywhere in the country,” said Deaton. “I’ve applied everywhere I can find something here.”


“For those who have been out of it for more than two years, we’re hurting,” said Deaton.

The benefits extension passed on Thursday will not help Deaton our the thousands of other 99ers.

Deaton says he feels like a hostage of an unforgiving job market. In order to make ends meet he’s sold off his Disney collectibles on eBay and took Social Security early. He says he’s not looking for a handout.

“We’ve heard enough people say ‘Well, the people who are unemployed are just sitting home and are playing or doing nothing,’ and that doesn’t cut it for me because that’s not the people I know,” said Deaton. “The people that I know want jobs.”

Deaton talks to other 99ers from across the country online. He says he’s heard from some who are becoming homeless and even contemplating suicide.

Homelessness and Suicide … those are the ultimate “Downsizing Plan” … eh?

The ultimate goal of that Corporate-driven “Race to the Bottom“.

Cast-aways.  Obsolete parts.  Cheapest Labor.  Discarded Overhead.

Who needs em? … It’s just Bizness, in the Big City!

Like I said, Our.Economy.IS.Broken.

The causes are many.

The Excuses are everywhere.

The HELP — is Nowhere to be found

for far TOO Many of our fellow out-of-work Americans:

Suicide Rates Up Since Recession Began, Debt A ‘Way Of Life’ For 99ers

Jonathan Daniel Harris, HuffPost  — July 26, 2010

Though experts say we may not know for years how much the rate has increased, calls to the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline increased by 36 percent in 2008, and another 15 percent in 2009.


This trend was also seen during the Great Depression, when the suicide rate increased by 21 percent in the early 1930s (about 17 of every 100,000 people).

Well these 4 million-plus desperate out-of-work Americans — finally DO HAVE a few Advocates on their side

The Ed Show Fri Aug 6, 2010

SCHULTZ: And in my Playbook tonight, Senator Debbie Stabenow broke news on this program last night when she announced the democratic bill to help the 99ers, it’s called the Americans Want to Work act. People who have exhausted their unemployment benefits could get them extended for another 20 weeks. But most importantly, the legislation addresses the real issue and that’s getting Americans back into the labor force. The Americans want to work act, “doubles the general business tax credit for businesses that hire and retain for 52 weeks someone who has exhausted all unemployment benefits.” Joining me now is another senator fighting and a cosponsor of the 99er bill, Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse, a cosponsor of the legislation as I said. Senator, good work.


SCHULTZ: But this isn’t going to get down until September.


SCHULTZ: And these folks need help now. Why not do it before you go home?

WHITEHOUSE: We’d like to, but we’re up against an absolute wall of republican opposition as you’ve seen in the last few weeks, we’ve been trying to get through the small business jobs bill which is supported by the National Federation of Independent Businesses, supported by the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, supported by the community bankers who are the ones who are be able to get the funds out to their small business customers. Complete shutdown. So, it’s a very difficult situation.

Why in the world, is the GOP against Bills that are supported by Business Lobbyists, against Bills that provides REAL Incentives to Hire Real Americans, in need?

99er’s Tier 5 Unemployment Extension 2010: S.3706 Is Capitalism at its Finest


Every time a business considers a new hire, its major concern is the effect the hire will have on its bottom line. Will the person bring more money in than he or she will cost?  It’s a complex equation, because there are many costs beyond just the employee’s hourly wage that the business must pay, like taxes.  S3706 provides not only a discount on the amount of Social Security tax that a business pays for hiring an unemployed worker, but also offers a two thousand dollar tax break if they keep their new hire for at least a year.

How can the Pro-Corporate Republicans be against these Pro-business “Hire Americans” incentives?

Oh wait Nevermind — in the Party of No Ideas, it’s NOT about People — It’s about THEIR Power.

If real People get hurt in the progress, Well, that’s just Politics, in the Big City!

Only in the cynical arena of American Politics,

Could one Party get away with Blocking nearly every piece of Legislation, and then expect to be rewarded for it, by Blaming the other Party — for Doing NOT ENOUGH to Help these Folks !

As K.O. might say …  W.T.F !?

It’s like you were working on a ‘Group Project’ at school and half of the students in your group just goofed off and refused to help the entire time — and then the “loafers” just pointed fingers and blamed YOU, for what a shoddy presentation, your group ended up turning in, at the end of the Semester.

In the real world — they’d ALL get D’s … (or F’s)  [ie. it’s Results that matter.]

In the Political World — Well get ready … to roll out those non-reality-based, corporately-funded, Political Ads …

Turns out,  Votes — are a very ‘fungible’ resource.  (ie. equivalent to $$$ spent.)

Well here’s one Project Leader, who IS trying to get something done … will she get the help she needs from the “other students” or not — is still yet to be seen.   (Will she get some extra moral support from the ‘Classroom Teacher’ in Chief … one wonders about that too? )

The Ed Show Thur Aug 5, 2010

SCHULTZ: So it’s not just helping out the 99ers who are in desperate need right now. It is somewhat of a jobs creator, because you’re telling businesses across the country if this bill passes, that there will be tax incentives, tax breaks on the table, especially if you hire someone who’s been in that 99er category.

STABENOW: Absolutely. And the bill’s called Americans Want to Work Act because Americans want to work, Ed. This is not about folks that want to be on unemployment, just barely holding it together with $300 a week. They want to work. So this provides — it’s a unique combination of helping people temporarily that are out of work, but also giving tax incentives, cuts to businesses.


SCHULTZ: OK. The rumor out there is — some people have mentioned to me that the 99ers are going to become very politically active until one party or another say we’re up for sale right now. I mean, they want SOMEONE to step up legislatively and do something for them.

Afterall the 99er’s — they are MORE.Than.a.Statistic.

They are former Workers, they are heads of Households, they are VOTERS.

They should not be underestimated.  They should not be cast away.

Compassion, THAT should not be another one of those “Commodities”,

that also gets Outsourced to somewhere else — always to the cheapest bidder!

Compassion, THAT should BE the ultimate Home-grown Resource …

Buy American.  

Hire American.

Shop Local.

Support the The Americans Want to Work Act (S.3706)

Above all, give a Damn — DON’T ‘look past’ your fellow out-of-work Americans …

They are NOT lazy, they are NOT shiftless, they are NOT dumb.

They are simply

AmericansWHO up until 2 Years agoDID Work.   Worked very hard, thank you very much.

Now they are looking around and simply wondering  — WHAT HAPPENED !?

Those of us, lucky enough, to still be gainfully employed — SHOULD BE Wondering the same thing.

[Note:  All emphasis, and witless observations expressed above, are only those of the author, and not the sources cited.]


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    • jamess on August 7, 2010 at 22:09

    Simply ignoring the Facts of our Broken Economy —

    will NOT make most of them US, Go Away …

    Middle Class is STILL Losing Ground — the Facts are in.

    by jamess — Jul 26, 2010  

    • jamess on August 7, 2010 at 22:10

    been posted on daily kos

    they seem to know Too little about the 99er topic.

    • Edger on August 7, 2010 at 23:19

    need to start right now telling every single democrat up for re-election this fall that THEY will also become 99’ers in November unless they wake up, wise up, and do something to either get all 99’ers jobs or unemployment extensions BEFORE November, to make themselves worth re-electing.

    Dems bailed out wall street with 18-20 trillion dollars.

    Dems could have instead bailed out the entire country by paying off every single mortgage in the country for only about 12 trillion dollars.

    Dems can produce an unemployment extension next week. If they are motivated to do it by voters credibly threatening to use the leverage they have.

    Republicans aren’t scary. They don’t control congress. Dems control congress.

    • jamess on August 7, 2010 at 23:43

    from around the planet,

    must find their common Voice …

    U.S. Soldiers are waking up. Mike Prysner speaking. IVAW

  1. Came across this.  It has a petition with lots of signatures and a discussion page with personal stories:

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