911 FireFighters Speak Out!!

Must see….

911 FireFighter Speaks Out!


Just “Melting” or Explosions….you be the judge



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  2. http://www.survivalrealty.com/

    Russia is on fire but where is US News coverage.


    Financial De-form  SEC exempt from FIOA


    Rolling Stone article about Golden Sacks


    Information Liberation on Hiroshima and more!


    Plus from wearechange the Axiom 2010 Truth Conference


  3. Interesting.

    Got banned from D Kos 5-6 years ago for questioning the official 911 version.  Posted a diary that got me banned.  I wanted to push things and it was tongue in cheek.  Made people look at links to things like earthquake damage to buildings and rockslides and other gravity based damage under the auspices that the damage from these gravitational forces was similar to the towers.  It was funny but the moderators didn’t see the humor.

    Am also a long time member of Lawyers for 911 Truth.

    Avid reader of Stephen Jones’work and the Journal of 911 Studies, Gage and many more.

  4. The Role of the Media is to Ask The Questions!

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