Mexico Supreme Court Recognizes Same Sex Marriage

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Or, more exactly, they have ordered the states to recognize same sex marriages performed in Mexico City.…

Mexico City’s same-sex marriage law, enacted in March, extends to wedded gay couples the right to adopt children, to jointly apply for bank loans, to inherit wealth and to be covered by their spouses’ insurance policies. Some of those may end up applying only in the capital.

It’s simply a more tolerant place, than todays US.  


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  1. Yes, Mexico.

    • melvin on August 12, 2010 at 2:33 am

    The US will still be arguing about this shit when Saudi Arabia and North Korea have approved gay marriage, just as we’ll be carrying on about a female chief executive long after India, Pakistan, all the Anglophone countries and most of the Hispanic have tried it three or four times and found it doesn’t particularly make much difference.

  2. the Mexican Supreme Court upheld same sex marriages about a month ago.  This ruling was about all of the 31 states of mexico recognizing same sex marriages performed in Mexico city.  

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