In Your Face

Oh brother. This is just … embarrassing.

from Raw Story:

Senator Levin was on the receiving end of a thrown pie during a question-and-answer session on Monday.

The accused pie thrower is Ahlam Mohsen, a 23-year-old senior at Michigan State University and antiwar activist. She was arrested after the incident while attempting to flee and is charged with assault and battery.

Update: Pie thrower facing felony charge for ‘stalking’ senator

An antiwar activist who hit Senator Levin in the face with a dutch apple pie on Monday is facing a felony charge of stalking in addition to misdemeanor charges of battery and assault.


I just don’t have the energy to take this in any of the ten different possible directions I can think of, offhand.



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  2. At least the symbolism would be there, then.

  3. waste of a good pie. She should have used a fake cream one like on TV or maybe a shoe.  

    • Edger on August 18, 2010 at 04:27

    and then threw it on his desk. Or his lap.

    She didn’t really have to attack him….

  4. I thought Levin was one of the half-way-baked better ones.

    Besides, a pie in the stomach is worth at least 3 in the face.

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