Government Got A Cracka Thinkin ’bout Murdahhhh!

White House press secretary Robert Gibbs, known for his smoothness and precision, seems to have erred egregiously twice in just weeks.

First, he speculated on TV that Democrats might lose the House, an inexcusable blunder because it is his job to omit the truth – not lie, just omit the truth – when the truth hurts. Then, there he was in print this week, deriding “professional liberals” who label President Barack Obama too moderate, saying they need “to be drug tested.”

Gibbs should have expected this would enrage liberals. Maybe that’s just what he planned.

Facing reporters Wednesday, Gibbs neither apologized nor backtracked. Instead, he doubled down. He was angry at the liberal TV pundits who bash the president, Gibbs said, standing by his words. Then he said he wasn’t the only one at the White House that felt this.

If Gibbs is purposely picking fights with the left, it’s not too surprising. In fact it’s consistent with the White House effort to position Obama closer to the center – where he traditionally needs to be for a reelection victory in 2012.…

And now you’re gonna tell us to go fuck ourselves like that too?

Don’t fuck with me playa, I been in this game hittin theez streetz hard,son.

People get killed in NY pahtnah, ya heard?:

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