False Gods

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False Prophets are a dime a dozen. From the clergy to politicians to flim-flam banksters, charalatans are monkeys in a barrel, if you have eyes to see and ears to hear.

The problem is while many are on the lookout for False Prophets, most do not question the Gods behind the religions of these socio-economic-religious shysters.

DOGMA spelled backwards is AM GOD. Dogma is strict adherence to the teachings of the Priest caste. When God is replaced by Religion-as-God, things turn sour.

But further, when you look at the great religions of Western Civilization – Judaism, Christianity and Islam – that, based upon the history of inhumanity practiced by these “great” religions, one must question the veracity of the God behind all these religions. And if one is fearless in the face of billions of believers, the God of the Victors who wrote the History and made the rules is a FALSE God.


As well, today we worship Money as God and the religion of the Market as the highest force for human aspiration. The Noble Cause is Profit. We defend the rights of Capital/Property to the death, but in relation to the state of the modern world with gross economic disparity, acute corruption and artificial manipulation of markets, we must also conclude the many who worship Capitalism/Free Enterprise/Free Market Capitalism, also worship a false god.

As I look at what passes for responsible economic policy these days, there’s an analogy that keeps passing through my mind. I know it’s over the top, but here it is anyway: the policy elite – central bankers, finance ministers, politicians, who pose as defenders of fiscal virtue, are acting like the priests of an ancient cult, demanding that we engage in human sacrifices to appease the anger of invisible gods.

Paul Krugman

Indeed, wasn’t it Saint Goldman Sachs himself, Lloyd Blankfein, who said he and his priestly caste of investment bankers were doing “God’s Work”?

Greenspan, Friedman, Rubin, Paulson, Bernanke, Geithner and all acolytes of the “Free Market” system take it as an article of faith that markets in and of themselves are self-correcting and honest and cannot be tainted, manipulated and destroyed by the ravages of unbridled human greed. While Marx said human greed will always win over the best intentions of Capitalists – dollars don’t kill people, men with dollars kill people – Marx is a demon and the banksters are sacred assets to be rescued, bailed-out and praised for their boys-will-be-boys rape, pillage and plunder of the globe.

Much has been made in recent days about the construction of a “ground zero mosque” in the jihad waged against Islam by Christians and Jews. Islam is demonized by its enemies as a religion of ignorance, violence and hate. And it is. But not any more than Christianity and Judaism. Read the Bible and the history of Western Civilization. Humanity, as far as we know, has always been at war, has always failed to practice what it preached. But perhaps it is not these religions in and of themselves which are the problem. Perhaps the problem is God. The God who commanded the Israelites to smite every man, woman, child and beast in the villages they conquered in “His” name. The God who commanded the Catholic Church to burn “witches” and heretics at the stake in “His” name. The God who tells Muslims to kill fellow Muslims in a religious war of dogma spanning centuries in “His” name. And no matter the “Name” it is always HIM.

The modern world is plagued by archaic religions who worship a dead God. And that alone, a dead god, should be the proof of a false god. Where did YHVH go? Last we saw “Him” he was cavorting in the desert in a pillar of smoke. Did “He” pick up his ball, the Ark of the Covenant, and go home, abandoning his followers to a myth of return? Did Jesus Christ, who Christians believe is God manifest on earth, born of a virgin and God “Himself”, ascend to Heaven, after resurrection from the dead, abandoning his followers with a myth of return? Did Mohammed ascend to Heaven on a wing├ęd horse and abandon his followers with a myth of return?

And do the followers of all these manifestations of the jealous god still wait and wait and wait while they murder, rampage and destroy to pass time until their God returns to smite all the believers of the false prophets and reward “His” faithful for their unswerving faith while “He” was away frolicking in Never Land?

Preposterous isn’t it? And perhaps this analysis to glib and provocative. But don’t the Jews await the Messiah, while the Christians await the return of the Messiah, while the Muslims await the Mahdi, their Messiah?

Billions of folks waiting around for God to return to a godless, sinful and evil world.

And maybe it’s true. Certainly humankind has devolved into barbarism in the midst of modernity. Collapse is imminent in historical time. Humans obviously can’t govern themselves above incompetence. Humans, given the gifts of ingenuity, innovation and genius can’t govern themselves out of the proverbial paper bag. Too many egos. Though we are one race, one species, one people, we splinter, divide, atomize and repel for fun and profit. While the New-Agers celebrate diversity, the followers of the old religions, use diversity to justify their hatreds. How can these religions claim the same God while they revile each other over the supposed teachings and Laws of that God?

What is God waiting for? Prophecy to be fulfilled? There are crazy Christians who support the Jews they hate and the aspirations of a Greater Israel because they believe this hastens the prophecy of Armageddon and the return of The Lord. And then, of course, once this happens, said Jews will be sent straight to hell the by Lord of Love, Light and Mercy. I don’t get a lot of hate when I read the supposed words of Jesus, but “His” followers? It’s an orgy of hate at the end of empire.

But in spite of all that, the most perverse false God in the world today is the God of America.

Part of American mythology is its special, chosen blessing from God. It was a blessing to oppressed people desperate for liberty and whose prayers were answered. While America was not founded as a Christian nation its founding was awash with religion. Our founders were profoundly religious. They rejected the God of Dogma. But they did not reject God.

Jefferson said, “”Ignorance is preferable to error, and he is less remote from the truth who believes nothing than he who believes what is wrong.”

Jefferson isn’t saying he believes nothing. He is commenting on the priestly caste of dogma. The First Amendment is a protection from religion and a permission to worship as you will. Atheism is allowed, but only a fool would choose nothing. The Founders and society in general after the revolutionary war believed America was a gift from God. America was the New Jerusalem.

Truman said the Atomic Bomb was a gift to America from God. May God Bless America. A Shining City on a Hill. Today the debate rages – Is Obama a Muslim or Christian? Only his food-taster knows for sure.

This belief in one’s special blessing leads to a certain exceptionalism. If there is One God and God is only speaking to you, then you speak for God. You perform God’s will. American Exceptionalism does not allow for official self-reflection. Mistakes of strategy are never made but sometimes tactics are not successful. We are The World’s Policeman; the Global Superpower; the Voice for Freedom in the World; the singular defense against ubiquitous forces of evil. We are Good, but the world is a dangerous place. We are surrounded by Evil Doers. But we are Good and God is Good, ergo we cannot lose. Take heart. Have faith. Stay the Course. Steady as she goes. Let’s roll.

Meanwhile, the American People slouch toward poverty. The American People go without while The Government of America, which is God’s voice upon Earth, spends every last resource to plunder every last resource to sustain for as long as possible a dead end road.

When future historians write about The American Empire they will only shake their heads and mumble, “Wow! All those previous empires to learn from and they didn’t learn a thing.”

All in the Name of God. The Father. Authority. The Enemy of Liberty.

How ironic the Land of the Free is fast becoming just another Police State in a world full of them.

By their Fruits ye shall know them.

Our Civilization is built upon the image of God in the Bible. Our Civilization is in shambles. Isn’t there a self-evident truth here no one is talking about?

From finance to politics to religion to society & culture there is a distinct dysfunction. The People believed but their God has abandoned them with a myth of return. The Tea Party crowd is the manifestation of the cult of the return. Take Back Our Country! Time for a New American Revolution! Time for America to be reborn. Rebirth. Rebuild. Rejoice.

But like the worshipers of the old religions of return, Americans are going to have to wait in line.

We were played false.


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    • gottlieb on August 25, 2010 at 18:05
    • RUKind on August 26, 2010 at 05:31

    Ed. note: I belong to no religion and to no political party. I’ve had enough disappointment for this lifetime already.

    Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.

       * Samuel Johnson

    It must never be forgotten that religion gave birth to Anglo-American society. In the United States, religion is therefore commingled with all the habits of the nation and all the feelings of patriotism; whence it derives a peculiar force.

       * Alexis de Tocqueville,

    Violence is the last refuge of the incompetent.

    Isaac Asimov

    If Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel then flamboyant religiosity is the last refuge of the damned.


    God has nothing to do with the actions of the world-class assholes among us. That’s their egos run riot. Personally, I see religion as spirituality wrapped inside razor-wire. There’s the guy in the church thinking about the beach and there’s the guy out surfing at the beach thinking about God

    Political parties and organized religion are Ponzi schemes. They both gladly take your money in return for protection form the great unknown. Fear foments fortunes from the beginning of history.

    Sometimes it seems like the only thing  that changes is tthe technology. Unfortunately, the Tea Party Patriots, and to a lesser extent the Tea Party Express astro-turf co-opt effort, have make excellent use of the new and old media. Where the hell are the Progressives on creating as much fireworks and storyline run-time as the TPP?

    My guess is we’re just not as dedicated to our goals as the TPP. I find that to be a shame.

  1. central to the development of Western Civilization going back to Egypt and Sumeria. And Ptolemy made the earth (and man by extension)the central focus of the Divine. And for 1,500 years the philosophers and mathematicians worked their asses off trying to make sense of it. Try reading Spinoza’s proof of God; it will make you go crazy. And Martin Luther went nuts in his own way. I think he was severly constipated, but the heavens opened up when he finally did you know what. And I forgot to mention that Moses was most probably high on some desert plant when God sent down his words on a stone tablet.

    Okay, so what? Western Man finally entered the age of Reason and began to let science have a voice in his affairs. But he’s still confused. GODDNA is in his blood.

    The 20th Century, up to this very moment, shows this inherited madness. Anarchism, Atheism, Socialism, Capitalism and all the other crazy isms simply represent “words of belief” fighting to get their place next to an old God who still commands great attention. And throw in the great religions that claim their God is the bestest because He’s given them super weapons, and I think we may be in for some rough going ahead.  

  2. Everything Evolves: From old “i am” who was a pretty harsh dude, they managed to change a few letters and make it about the worship of power over others. And hominem beget homily – “ignore what you read, listen to the man,” beget “Who da man, I da man!”

    If Mahdi was to come, holding hands with that other wimpy, liberal Nazarene, raising the lowly and toppling the high, the both of them would killed as commie pinko faggotty tree hugging anarchists who hate god – because as you say, God is Money and Power now to nearly everyone.

    It just occurred to me. Originally both Christian and Muslim prophets were liberals – they were open to “surrender” and “love on another” it was only the right-wingers of the region who dissed them, thinking THEIR Messiah must be some kind of ass-kicking smiter who would use the sword, not cushy words.

    Not that there are and were not good men and women of all 3 faiths (or fictions, as I seem to believe)

    In the end? The right-wingers won anyway. All that hippy-dippy shit got erased from the 2 new “testaments” other than lip service and they became exactly what the wingers were looking for – religious icons of the sword.

    Deus, dominus, dominion. dollar.

    Thus Man created God in the Image of the Beast, eh?  

  3. …And, to continue Krugman’s all too apt metaphor, we ordinary people are being sacrificed to the jealous, vindictive False gods of avarice and greed.

    But these False gods will never be satisfied; they will only demand more sacrifice.

    Until we say, “NO MORE!”

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