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I had a personal connection to the GOM, as I’ve posted here, but none to China. Today, though, my SO came and said that there’s this great job she could apply for in this beautiful part of China, one of the only places where the air and water is still more or less clean, where you can windsurf or play in the ocean, where there are still horse drawn carriages in the city, and some hint of traditional China– and so  I looked it up– not long ago that was all very true:

Dalian it turns out is a leader in alternative energy and windfarms.


Dalian has won several awards from the United Nations for its environmental progress. The Chinese government has chosen to focus here as a starting place for instituting environmental regulations in China. The air quality is the best in all of China, and because of this and the multitude of parks and beaches, Dalian has become a popular vacation destination.

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On June 21st of course, that all changed:


This is heartbreaking.

And if you look at the caption you’ll see at least one of the workers in the photos died.  


  1. We’re destroying it all for our insatiable needs for energy.

    This reef is from Dalian, and totally unlike anything I ever saw in the gulf:

  2. Kerala occupies more or less the same position in India as Dalian in China, but it isn’t because exploitative bureaucrats have preserved it as a “Potemkin Village” of a future that was never gonna happen anyway.

    It’s because Kerala has regularly elected an honest-to-God communist government over and over since 1957, and those commies (the CPI) produced universal education and the highest Human Development Index anywhere in India.

    And labor unions aren’t just healthy, they rule, and go out on strike all the time, and yet the economy keeps delivering basic services for everybody, while traditional crafts still employ about a million people.


    Kerala’s healthcare system has garnered international acclaim. The United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) and the World Health Organization designated Kerala the world’s first “baby-friendly state” because of its effective promotion of breast-feeding over formulas.[130] For example, more than 95% of Keralite births are hospital-delivered.[131]:6 Aside from ayurveda (both elite and popular forms),[132]:13 siddha, and unani, many endangered and endemic modes of traditional medicine, including kalari, marmachikitsa,[132]:17 and vishavaidyam, are practiced. These propagate via gurukula discipleship,,[132]:5-6 and comprise a fusion of both medicinal and supernatural treatments,[132]:15 and are partly responsible for drawing increasing numbers of medical tourists.

    Workers of the world, unite!

    You have nothing to lose except your chains, and stinking oil slicks on every beach!  

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