American Tinder Box

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On the one hand…

Bad Mood Rising. Short fuses on human time bombs. Powder kegs of combustible frustration. Palpable erosion of the social fabric. Race wars, class wars and culture wars. Rage; the new bliss. Violence; the logical extension of free speech in a tone-deaf world. Murder-suicide and fifteen minutes of fame. Write the note and blow out your brains along with the wife, kids and the management team who fired you for cause in the name of “results.” Shareholder value. No longer a human but a line-item on a ledger. No longer a person but an impediment to the profit margin.


Politicians on the take and people on the run. Corporations on the make and most of the employed are Un. Everyone a suspect; no one above suspicion. Terror just another word for nothing left to lose. Bread lines, tent cities and tea parties. Poverty is Wealth. Despair is Happiness. Thousands of applicants for a single job and tens of thousands gather and clamor for cardboard box rent reduction vouchers.

From empire to banana republic. From McMansion to a hot tin roof. From King of the World to bottom of the barrel. From the land of the free to the land that time forgot. Vacant stares and empty smiles. A promise is an IOU for a kick in the teeth. Godot came and went as suckers sat and waited. The Savior is a marketing gimmick in a game of slaves. Life is misery; death is paradise. Give unto Caesar all that you’ve got and hope for the best when the Book of Debts and Credits is read by a jealous god in a stingy mood. Heaven is only a lottery ticket away but you can’t win if you don’t play.

Judge not the rich and love your enemy who hates you. Remember life is a wheel of fortune and tomorrow might be your lucky day.

Floods in Pakistan; fires in Russia, but America’s Got Talent between the commercials. Mudslides in China, famine in Niger, as Obama changes oil into water at the wedding in Cana. Dip your toe in the toxins and call it a vacation. A clean bill of health with a thumbs up grin as fish float to the surface and frogs rain from the sky. There are no disasters only opportunities to shine.

The Banksters get billions in bonus for money-from-nothing hocus pocus while the sheep are fleeced of their mortgageable wool and scratch out a living from dust-devil crumbs. Hard boiled tennis shoes and poached rocks. Eat all your dirt-clods and be grateful. There are people in Africa who don’t have enough dirt to even make a clod.

Jesus died for your sins but it don’t mean you’re forgiven. Suffering is Bliss. Count all your blessings on the way to the slaughter. Resist not the temptation to capitulate and cower. Don’t question authority and obey all the rules because man is a sinner, an evildoer and fool. Man needs a boss to tell him what to do. Birthrights are reserved for Kings while we paupers have only Serve-rights. Serfs. Slaves. Peons. Chattel. The Service Economy; the codification of chains.


White Trash Nation in his trailer park armchair glued to the image of the beast looks for a scapegoat to sacrifice on the altar of his own petard. Ignorance is smug. He sits in a dungeon shackled to his prejudice like Jesus nailed to the Tree of Life. His eyes are beady and his balls itch. His mind is a loop of child porn and rape fantasy. His breath is stale from cigarettes and booze. His belly hangs over his waist like a jelly waterfall. He is half asleep. His animation is suspended like a mosquito in amber. His thought frozen on the last thing he heard. Something he can’t quite remember. The details aren’t important. He knows what he needs to know. The world is dangerous and the bad guys are coming to get him. His door is locked, his mind is bolted. His drapes are drawn, his lights are low. His guns are loaded, his trigger finger primed. He dares the ghosts to come through the walls. Out of the billions of targets out there he knows he is the one they’re after. He’s different. Special. He’s no rube. He’s not just another couch potato. That’s his cover. He’s deep under cover. He’s a secret agent on a special mission. He waits for his moment. His chance. He waits for his door to open and the enemy to enter. Full metal jacket. Pump them full of lead. Kill the bastards. All of them. Every last one. All those bastards who stole his country. The coloreds, the womens, the commies and the Hollywoods.

Eve was a whore. She is to blame for original sin. Adam’s sin was to listen to her and not to his Father. Man was made in His image. Woman was an afterthought. A maid. A hole to expel his shame. If only He made her without a tongue to speak then life would be paradise. No wonder it was legal to beat your wife until the Feminists gave blow jobs to the Supreme Court and financed all those brainwashing centers which masquerade as havens from abuse. Spare the rod…

America is White Man Country. White; the absence of color. Purity. Light. The White Knight battles the evil of color. Light versus dark. Black versus white. White magic versus black magic. We vanquished the primitives with smallpox and whiskey. We conquered Africa with a carrot and stick and made him slave. We nuked the nips. And we can’t wait to send a billion chinks straight to hell. Maybe white men can’t jump or dance, but no one has anything on us when it comes to strangulation, mutilation and the cold-blooded murder of anyone who stands in the way of progress.

Like the Commie Obama. The Great Black Hope. Given the job by white whores from NOW hungry for musk. A silver tongue. As smooth as a snake. The devil himself. He hypnotized America. Mesmerism. A snake-oil salesman. How else can you explain a black man in the White House? And what is the first thing he did? He gave the country to the Commies. He made government take over the corporations. The Commie Government now runs all the corporations. Which, if you know words, is the very definition of Commieism. When Government and Companies are partners and all your rights are taken away and your tax money goes to corporations and politicians and executives are the only ones with special bathrooms is when you know your freedom is gone and we live in the U.S.S.A. All the cars now have GPS bugs to keep track on our movements. He installed GPS bugs in our phones so they always know where we are and what we say. Pretty soon we’ll all have India ink tattoo bar-codes and subcutaneous smart chips which monitor our thoughts and transactions. We have a 1984 Commie surveillance society of secret cameras and speed bumps. Detention camps and secret trials. The White Man has been made the enemy while Mexicans steal into the country to take our jobs and collect Social Security.

Everyone knows Obama is an Islam. His African Daddy was an Islam who drank and gambled and messed around with loose white women. Just like Mohammad Atta who made 911. Everyone knows the other Mohammed was born in 666. Hello? Muslimry is the Anti-Christ. The darkie to our white light of Jesus. This is just common sense. You don’t have to be a brain surgeon or a rocket scientist or even a Dentist to understand we are in an existential fight against evil which is dark versus those of us made in the image of the one true God. Do your research. Oannes, Quetzalcoatl, Osiris, Jesus and Zeus were all white. Not to mention the real God of the Bible. The Sistine Chapel. Hello? Doesn’t that tell you some really important truth?

God is European.

America is the land of milk and honey because America is the New Jerusalem after the old Jerusalem was taken over by the Arabs after the old covenant went bust but was then restored by Thomas Jefferson when he wrote the Constitution which is another word for Covenant in Freemason. Look it up. Not that Jefferson was a Freemason but some of his best friends were and you had to speak Freemason if you wanted to be part of the Revolution club.

You see, you can’t believe anything Hollywood tells you. The Hollywoods don’t tell the truth. They make up stories. Just like they did in the Bible. The Hollywoods are great story-tellers. Just like Jesus who invented parables to tell the truth about the Hollywoods. Let those with ears listen closely. Like George Washington and the Cherry Tree. Or throwing a Silver Dollar across the Potomac. See the Hollywoods are myth-makers. That’s why you can’t take the Bible literally except for every word Jesus says. See Jesus overturned the apple carts in the Temple because the Hollywoods were spreading the story about the Apple Tree in the Garden of Eden, the forbidden fruit, when Jesus knew it wasn’t an apple tree, but a Marijuana tree. See god wants us drunk and not stoned. Stoned is what you do to prostitutes and Islams who cheat on their husbands. Let those with ears listen harshly.

There is a new revolution coming where the white man gets his country back from wolves in cheap clothes and commies who want us all to live in a giant commie commune which is where commies come from. See, they want to make us all the same and take away our individuality and the duality of good versus evil. Commies want everything the same so we can’t fight over what divides us as decreed by God. Sex, color, ethnicity, creed, religion and money.

Don’t be fooled. There will never peace in the world until everything is destroyed so the white man can begin again in the image of fat-free donuts. Let those with ears listen intently to the wisdom of the ages.

Death is Life.

The White Man’s patience is not infinite. We have been patient while the coloreds and womens and commies and Hollywoods stole our country and made it Babylon and Russia and China combined.

There is a war coming. We are ready, willing and able. All we need is a spark.


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