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AP has a digest report for today’s events HERE.

BY THE NUMBERS: The stoppage came 85 days, 16 hours and 25 minutes after the first report of the Deepwater Horizon explosion. Somewhere between 94 million and 184 million gallons have spilled into the Gulf, according to government estimates. BP said the oil stopped flowing into the water at 2:25 p.m. CDT after engineers gradually dialed down the amount of crude escaping through the last of three valves in the cap.

(Or you can, of course,just see ARC’s essay right here.)

Hmmmph. What do you think?

As for me, I’m still hovering around ‘Planet Cloud’. My own little wavy gravy Cloud, not one of those other Bright Blinding Clouds crowded up with the rank and file.

You know the little clock, the one on your VCR

the one that’s always blinking twelve noon

because you never figured out

how to get in there and change it?

So it’s always the same time

just the way it came from the factory.

Good morning. Good night.

Same time tomorrow. We’re in record.

So here are the questions: Is time long or is it wide?

And the answers? Sometimes the answers

just come in the mail. And one day you get the letter

you’ve been waiting for forever. And everything it says

is true. And then the last line says:

Burn this. We’re in record.

And what I really want to know is: Are things getting better

or are they getting worse? Can we start all over again?

Stop. Pause. We’re in record. Good morning. Good night.

Now I in you without a body move.

And in our hearts we fly. Standby.

Good morning. Good night.

~Laurie Anderson

I’ve been floating in this mood most of today, having little or nothing to do with this or any other News, but it all seems fitting. Just kind of… Salt & Pepper, Shadow & Light, Yin & Yang. There’s more…

Constantly crossing over that nearly imperceivable line between….well… mundane and sublime… there doesn’t really seem to be a whole helluva lot in the middle at all, most days.

There is a sort of surrender, perhaps not exactly how you think, that opens the way for a liberating release from the burden… the burdens of, oh all kinds of stuff… having to Be Right, of needing to Triumph, be a Champion, revel in some elusive Victory after defeating …. Them…. all those People who are, well, y’know, wrong.

You can … Let It Be. Be Like Water.

Yet, we wage on. We can’t not.

David vs. Goliath. Sometimes I wonder how valid that is. Maybe it’s just that Goliath has command of the remote control. We can still change the channel any time we want. Or just unplug the damn thing.

“Surrender” doesn’t mean giving up, or giving in. It’s more of kung fu move, really. A little tricky. Maybe you know what I mean.

Anyway. Here’s the shit though, ladies and gentlemen, right here.

Go full screen for this one.

I’m still working on ‘re-entering the atmosphere’. Glad to be home. Good to see you folks.


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  1. ya know…. they can maybe give Cheney a Heart Transplant but he cant get a Soul Transplant… now or ever.

    • Edger on July 16, 2010 at 02:53

    Eh? 😉

  2. …. which is a good sign.  I think.

    Admiral Allen says he is “encouraged by this development” but it isn’t over. They’ll return to gathering oil off of what they’ve installed, after further testing and analysis.

    Which means that the relief well will be the way to finally end this.  

  3. ……so here is a photo I took of the shadow of a fern on the bark of an aspen tree.


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